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Mentoring leaders  - It is great to be able to announce a new project that we are involved in, which will be launching later this year. Through a partnership between the Bible Society in Australia, YFC International and ourselves, a new app is Continue reading Mentoring leaders 
Life-changing memories - I’ve been involved in events that draw young people together to serve and bless local communities on a short term basis, for many years. I’ve done this both as a leader with young people and as a community worker in Continue reading Life-changing memories
Whatever you ask lord!  - Recently I have read part of the encounter Mary had with the Angel, as she found out she was to become a mum.  A story and encounter a number of us have read any number of  but something new struck Continue reading Whatever you ask lord! 
Confident - There was prayer for healing at this morning’s prayer meeting. Later, as we looked at Psalm 27, the question was asked, what do you fear. My immediate thought was that I fear arriving at a place where I no longer Continue reading Confident
Removing the obstacles  - Easter is always an interesting time for us at RolltheRock as it is where we get our name from!! The rock was rolled away, Jesus came out of the tomb, back to life, revealed himself again to people.  Jesus arguably Continue reading Removing the obstacles 
Remembering the dream  - Often when doing something for a while, it is possible to unintentionally forget what some people have siad, or spoken into your life.  A number of years ago i had a picture shared with me, about stadning under a tree, Continue reading Remembering the dream 
Passing on the cloak  - Whilst at the new Wine leaders conference last week, one of the speakers spoke about the relationship between Elisha and Elijah. They pointed out a part in the relationship where Elijah passed his cloak on to Elisha, almost in a Continue reading Passing on the cloak 
Strength in the Struggle  - One thing that is guaranteed for life, is the fact that in various ways, at differing times, all of us face struggle. The bigger question is how do we face that struggle? As a charity, we see struggle in young Continue reading Strength in the Struggle 
Lotus positions and broken chains - My 10 year old son’s homework this week was to make a model that represented peace, as he understands it. He went through a few ideas – a heart, two hands holding each other. In the end he opted for Continue reading Lotus positions and broken chains
Polarisation  - It is often stated that the 2 things you don’t talk about in public are politics and religion. Politics for one is going to be one of those things that is largely unavoidable for these next few months, with a Continue reading Polarisation 

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