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Resurrection - So this may well initially sound like a bizarre thing to reflect upon at Christmas rather than Easter, but just maybe there is some resurrection at Christmas time as well. At Easter we think about the physical death and resurrection Continue reading Resurrection
Christianity, the Pioneering Faith - For many, I know, the words pioneer or pioneering fill them with fear, but I wonder if pioneering is at the core of our faith. Even at this Advent time, we celebrate the pioneering nature of God! Pioneers don’t settle Continue reading Christianity, the Pioneering Faith
Invitation and Choice - Advent, it seems to me, is an reminder of two important themes: invitation and choice. All the way through, to the point of Jesus’ birth, there is invitation – to Joseph (though maybe not to Mary), to the shepherds, to Continue reading Invitation and Choice
Reconciliation - The word reconciliation can bring up many different reactions and provokes so much in all of us. But as Advent is starting at this time, it is a poignant moment to consider the challenge and our thankfulness of reconciliation. Could Continue reading Reconciliation
Imposition or Participation - I have wondered how much we actually put into practice the concept of participation, or even inclusion, rather than simply having it as a concept, or whether we are closer to the idea of imposition. Forcing viewpoints and actions does Continue reading Imposition or Participation
Network lunch - So for a while now, we have wanted to develop the idea of a network lunch, where leaders can come together, have coffee, worship together, have some input, have lunch, have time/space to reflect and process on the input, and Continue reading Network lunch
Who are you? - Recently I have been thinking a lot around this question, especially when singing particular songs that say “here I am”, well how much of me is actually there? Obviously physically i am there, but is my mind focused? Am I Continue reading Who are you?
Week at QE school - So, this last week Andy spent the week in Queen Ethelburga’s School, talking about living with blindness, identity, bullying and his work with young people. It was a great week, where a large number of the students wanted to have Continue reading Week at QE school
Friends and enemies, all are useful? - Recently, I have spent some time re-listening to the U2 tour of last year that I and one of my best friends went to. A phrase stuck out for me during the concert – “friends and enemies are all useful”, Continue reading Friends and enemies, all are useful?
The new normal - This was a phrase that I experienced a lot and processed a lot when thinking through the implications of cancer that I had last year. It is a phrase that has come back again not just for me, but for Continue reading The new normal

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