Our aim for this site is to be a place where you can find out more about us, as well as access information, resources, links and contact with others, which we hope will help you in your work with young people. It’s an ongoing process, so please keep checking back. And if you have any feedback or things to share, get in touch!

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Newsletter W/B 18th October 2016 - As the half term break approaches, we reflect on encounters with strangers, celebrate the completion of a marathon and anticipate some news on health. Click here to find out more
Travelling Encounters - So, today whilst waiting for a train, I was approached by a young man who asked if I was Andy. When I responded yes, he then informed me that he recognised me from a time I went into the school Continue reading Travelling Encounters
Team building, opportunity or threat? - This may seem like a strange title, but it is interesting how sometimes team building can be seen as a threat rather than the opportunity it really is. So what is team building? In its essence, it’s about a number Continue reading Team building, opportunity or threat?
Elements of Empathy - I wonder when we talk about empathy, or empathising with others, how many of us truly do that, or even understand how that fully works. These are just a few thoughts to stir some thinking, from my experiences: Understanding: Do Continue reading Elements of Empathy
Lifestyle - Which comes first, lifestyle or God? A silly question, some would say; the answer might even appear to be obvious. But I wonder how many of us would really say that, despite our prayers, our worship songs, even our talking Continue reading Lifestyle
Realistic Expectations - An audio reflection from Andy Wilson
Could you be that increase? - Can you help us?
Building community as you journey with people - An audio reflection from Andy Wilson
Trusting God for our capacity - An audio reflection from Andy Wilson

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