Our vision is to see young people flourish, released into their full potential, living life with wholeness, and changing the culture around them in a positive way.

We support those who lead young people, with resources, training, mentoring and coaching, and by facilitating networks that enable peer-to-peer encouragement and sharing. We also work directly with young people through work in schools, youth groups and many varied events and activities.

Website Aims

Our aim for this site is to be a place where you can find out more about us, as well as access information, resources, links and contact with others, which we hope will be helpful particularly to those working with young people. It’s an ongoing process, so please keep checking back.

And if you have any feedback or things to share, get in touch!

Where Do We Work?

Based in Harrogate, we naturally have strong connections here and in surrounding towns in Yorkshire, but we are active across the UK through conferences, coaching/ mentoring and resourcing.

Registered Charity

RolltheRock is a charity founded and run with Christian values and heart. Our registered charity number is 1158834.