Bless you is a phrase we often hear after someone sneezes! you are such a blessing, is sometimes a phrase we hear about others, but being a blessing, continuously, sacreficially, is a real challenge!!

i am always challenged by the fact that Jesus, nailed to the cross, embarrassed, humiliated, and in extreme pain, asks his father to forgive those who have done this to him!! could we do that? could we even consider that??

The western culture is very individualistic, do things for yourself, by yourself, and largely for yourself. We even push people at times to get on and do things themselves, without a great deal of support or us getting alongside them.

individualism is the enemy and oposite of blessing!!!

If we look around us, and we don’t have to look to far, there are people who struggle, ...

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Movement over the last week

Ok, so some significant happenings have taken place over the last week, and we are really excited about these.

youth Alpha:
this carried on this last week, and we had a great time, and the sicth formers seem to be really getting the stuff. They are engaging, and encountering god in the process, this is helping build excitement for a great mission week later this half term at the school.


This last week, Andy taught on the topic of shared life. Both groups really engaged with the material in different, but yet impacting ways.

We have since heard of a testimony from one member who went away having prayed over some issues from the time together, and within that day they saw some breakthrough in their lives. God is so good, and it is a real honour to be involved with Step-up;

Links wit...

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Discipleship and mission day

What a day, as the people attending the sessions seemed to multiply as the day went on.

Many things were explored and discussed, and youth leaders wrestled with a number of different issues:

4 C’s: connect: making that connection with young people;
Community: helping them build that community together;
Challenge: enabling them to make the commitmnet to Jesus;
Commission: releasing them to impact their communities and friendship group;

We explored balanced discipleship:
Relation ship god;
Relationship with each other;
Relationship with people outside the Church;

We looked at key elements of leadership;

And as the day progressed we had 13 people engage with relevant issues and topics facing them in their context.

Biggest issue, was building a Discipleship culture; How the leader sets that ...

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Identity sees kingdom flow

Recently, i did some teaching on the issue, of identity, but that how leads us into how we live, and how we see God’s kingdom flowing through our lives.

Jesus understood who he was: as a child he was in his “Fathers house”, at his baptism, “this is my son”even at his crucifixion, “Father forgive them”. All the way through he understood who he was.

because of understanding who he was, he then saw the kingdom flow through him, and around him, healings, miralces, words of wisdom into people’s lives, released leadership, and so much more.

Sadly in todays culture there is a struggle to prove ourselves, a struggle for our identity, but our culture doesn’t offer anything of depth, of value, that enables us to live out confident purposed lives.

We often struggle to see much of patients, peace, joy...

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Launching youth Alpha in school

This last week, we started a youth alpha in a local school, helping young people engage with Jesus, and then inspire them into being part of a mission team in their school later this half term.

Of course you can invite, suggest, mention, but you never quite know how many will turn up when you start.

Last wednesday, we had 19 Sicth formers turn up to the start of this youth Alpha locally, and they all engaged with the start, and are keen to continue and be involved in the mission week.

What was even more exciting was the fact that there was another person who didn’t make it to the start, but is wanting to be involved, and come along from now on.

Please do pray for this as we start this, that the young people really engage with Jesus, and are released to being part of the mission week, where...

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Using youth Alpha

This coming term, youth alpha is being used in a creative way at a local school.

Later this half term there is a week mission at St John Fishers, which we are supporting, but leading up to this, we are wanting to encourage sixth formers to be involved, so we are taking some of them through the youth alpha course.

The aim, the dream, is that by taking them through the youth Alpha, they will then be involved in the mission, and then hopefully assisting in leading another youth alpha after the half term, for those who are interested.

So we need your pryaers:
1: that some of the sixth formers want to do the course this half term;
2: pray for them as leaders during the mission week at the end of the half term;
3: pray that there will also be further Alpha courses following the mission week;


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Keeping your eyes fixed

Having again read the situation where Peter sees Jesus walking on water, and wants to do that himself, i am reminded very much of what happens once we stop looking at Jesus.

Peter sees Jesus, and longs to do the same as him, he does not look at what could or should stop him from doing what jesus is doing.

Peter gets out the boat, and walks on water, still looking at Jesus, so therefore still able to do what Jesus is doing.

For whatever reason, maybe it could have been the other Disciples shouting at him, maybe it was a simple thought that came into his head, but he looked down!! He saw the water, he saw the human reality that he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing, and so he started to sink!!!

There are all sorts of things that can get in our way and stop us from looking to Jesus, many th...

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This coming term

There is lots happening this coming term for RolltheRock and we wanted to highlight some of those things to you:

1: RolltheRock re-launch on the 17 October, tickets can be bought here on the site;

2: Discipleship and Mission taster day: Saturday 27 September; again you can book through the site, or visit www.kairosnetworkchurch.net for more info and booking.
3: youth alpha: we are working with St John fishers this half term to run an alpha course leading up to their mission week;
4: resources: as well as working on our own, we are also working with Naked Truth to produce other resources as well as 3DM for even more resources;
5: Assemblies at a number of local schools here in the Harrogate area;
6: Lunch time groups here in the local Harrogate area;
7: mentoring and gathering of youth lead...

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Rwanda pics





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Last days in Rwanda and journey home

So on Monday, we visited a place called Kayonza. We had a tour of a school, where children who aren’t sponsored, but go to the school share a dormatory of up to 90 kids at a time.

each day, they have to wash their clothes for school the next day, plus their shoes, and ensure that everything is in pplace in their houses.

we had lunch with some members of the choir, and after lunch, the choir did a short performance for us.

As well as visiting the school, we also visited a lake, which looked amazing the team said.

the President of Rwanda had a lodge there, and we were able to enjoy a drink in some very tranquil surroundings.

On our way back to where we were staying, People wanted some last minute shopping, which we had time for, and then it was time to return, and start packing.

We also ...

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