Who to listen too

All of us I am sure will be able to name those people who have spoken positively into our lives, and even those who have spoken negatively into our lives!! how people speak into our lives, often has an impact upon how we react to others! Either we go completely the other way, if we have heard lots of negativity, or we totally embrace the words that have been spoken over us, and we continue to speak in the same mannerisms!!

We often hear people speaking about young people, and lets be honest a lot of it is negative, but I wonder if some of the reaction from young people is due to the negative approaches demonstrated or shown to them in the first place?

Countering negative comments can be draining, tiring, stressful, and often leave people feeling thoroughly beaten up emotionally.

Somewhere, somehow there needs to be, has to be a culture change so the negativity is reduced, and the positive is emphasised.

James in his book in the Bible, refers to the tongue as a weapon, and he also suggests that at times it needs taming!!!

I wonder, when our tongue moves, when noises come from our tongues, is it a negative or positive noise that comes forth?

Do we build up or do we knock down?

Do people feel believed in by us, or do they feel torn apart by us?

Jesus says in Jn10.10 that he comes to bring life in all its fullness, but the devil comes to steal and destroy. Can we possibly change the culture, and learn to live out of that fullness, enabling others to live out of that fullness, rather than allowing the stealing and destroying to take place.

As a leader I know who are the life-giving talkers in my life, and who are the people who take away from that, so i know more and more who to pay attention too, and I would want the same for any young person who i work with, to know who to listen too, who are the encouragers, and who are th ones who destroy!

not only do i want to live a life of fulness, but i am believing the same for young people all around me.

Time to Pray

So recently heard a quote which went along the lines of, why would you give a kid a toy without the battery? Pete Gregg from 24/7 Prayer!!

Of course he was referring to prayer in our lives, the necessity of it, the importance of it, and actually the requirement of it if we are to fulfil all that God has for us.

So to this end, we at RolltheRock are hosting a prayer evening on the 29 March, at 7.30 pm at Kairos network church, and we would love to see as many people there as possible to pray into our work, pray into the vision, pray into the finances, and so we hear God for all that he has for us.

So if you can make it please do come along, we want to ensure all that we are and do is rooted firmly in hearing from god, and we have the batteries in place for us to move forward.

Consistency of Salt

I am no cook!!!!  But my taste buds work really well, and I know what I like and what I enjoy the taste of.

Why is this?
Well yes, part of it is to do with the fact that my tastebuds work, which I am very thankful for, but the more important part is the flavour and how the flavouring works.

Flavouring is what attracts us to eat something and to go back to it and even to enjoy eating it all over again. Let’s be honest, if we don’t like the taste of something, we ain’t going to try it again!!

Salt is one of those key flavourings – certainly not the only one by any stretch – but a common one and key one for many at a meal time. And yes, it does flavour our food really well, but why?

One reason is the make-up of salt: its consistency enables it to do what it should do – it doesn’t change into something else just because it engages with other food types. It is able to remain an influencing factor in our food because it remains as it is!!

Jesus talks about people being salt in Matthew, chapter 5. He refers to people being that influencing factor in the world and encourages us to be the salt that the world needs. I guess he says wanting us to keep our consistency and be that influencing factor that remains good, honest and as it should be.

We can only be the salt to the world if our consistency is right and we remain who we are meant to be.

So, can we live up to our call to be salt to the world?
Is our consistency right to enable us to be that salt?
Are we able to be that influencing flavouring to the world?

A Theology of Inconvenience

In a culture where expectation says that everything has to be convenient to me, when I want it, where I want it and how I want it, how do we cope when things are not as convenient as we would like them?

Life will be full of pressures upon our time – maybe in a way that has never been experienced before – and the social trend is that those pressures are only ever likely to grow, not lessen.

But the reality is, people will not respond at the speed we want them to; things take time to sort and develop; time will not change – there will still be 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks in a year. Oh yes, and batteries will die at some point!!! Maybe there will continue to be dead spots for the Internet, but even where it is strong, there is always a chance that the Internet too will die!

So, if all these things are true, what is there that is foundational in life that enables us to keep going, know who we are and have the ability to cope with all these inconvenient elements to life?

Patience: Do we have it? Do we show it? Are we able to live patient lives?
Identity: Do we know who we are, not who others or our machines say we are?
Relationships: Do we have the ability to relate to people in appropriate and engaging ways?
Trust: When the unexpected happens, where do we put our trust? How do we cope with the unexpected?
Rhythms of life: Do we have any form of rhythm that enables us to enjoy and flourish in life, rather than falling to the demands and dictations of people and the culture around us?

Jesus seem to have a number of these things in place in his life, but I wonder how good we are at living out the life we are living for, or are our lives lived out through the imposition of others?

What changes or adjustments do we need in our lives to be able to live with the inconvenience that life puts before us?