How a young person views things 

Each week, in different ways, and with different young people often, we engage with all sorts of stories. 

This last week, overr a meal chatting with some young people, we heard an amazing testimony, where having asked a question about people who have made a positive difference in our lives, one young person told an amazing story, of how struggles they had gone through, and some tough times at the hands of others, hwo they have made a positive difference in their life now, beccause coming through those times, knowing that god was with them, has made them stornger now, and this was becuase of what had happened and knwoing that god was with them.

this was an amazing story, an amazing time, and a real challenge on how we view things, situations, ohters, and the impact they have upon us...

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Growing community and trust 

It is interesting all the different places where you cn grow community, and build it with trust and discipleshp at it’s roots.

we have thprivilege of engaging in local schools, and in one in particular where we go regularly, there is a real sense of a community is growing, and how the young people who come along to that weekly, gathering, engage with thoe of us who are there, engage with each other, and how we can start to engage with them in the life of Jesus and other discipleship life stuff in the Bible.

Tthere is about a dozen who come along each week, and yes it is over a lunchtime, yes it is including them brgringing lunch, and it does involve playing airhockey, but it also includes looking at people in the Bible and how they lived, it inclues looking at chrstian values, and how tho...

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Releasing leaders 

As well as releasing a generation, another of our values is releasing a network of leaders, but Andy has come aware of the different meanings of the releasing idea for leaders.

yes we want to release leaders into the work of reaching a generation, but also, there is time when leaders themselves need releasing from something that is holding them back, and rleeased into all that God wants them to be.

One of the pleasures of the rollthat Andy has is mentoring leaders, and seeing them grow through discussion, prrayer, allowing themselves to be open to god and what he is saying to them.

Recently, there has been one leader who has been through all sorts of issues, struggles in their life, and andy has mentored them, listened to them, spoken stuff into their life, travelled a journey with them...

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Words for RTR 

So as March is the first month for us as we move into a new status and Andy becomes employed  by the charity, some people have been praying, and we wanted to share these exciting words with you:

The first word was relating to the process that andy has been through in getting Rolltherock to thsi point. There was a picture of God emtying Andy of all that has gone before, but now a refilling of all that God has for him and for Rolltherock in the future.

The second word was related to a bank, and the idea of interest rates, and how they go and up down, and the word was, that from time onwards the interest rate for Rolltherock would increase not decrease, and that more and more would become interested in all that Rolltherock was involved in and doing.

The third word, was a picture of andy wa...

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Expectation to grow 

How do we view things and situations in life? this week I am attending the new Wine leaders conference! years ago i would have enjoyed it for meeting people, enjoying the conference experience, but now i want to meet with people yes, but more importantly i am expectant about meeting with god. 

i have had to ensure i approach these few days with the right minindset of wanting to engage and encoutner God in these times, but also recognsie these times for what they are, an opportunity to grow, a focussed time to grow. 

If i am to be the leader that God wants me to be, then I need to have that mindset of growth, and a mindset of looking for those things that God wants me to take away form thsi time and put in place for other ays and weeks of my life. not just the moment of engaging with God.

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Were you missed 

One thing that is always very striking for me, is when Jesus went around to different places, and people followed him, but also if he wasn’t where people expected him, the next time they saw him they were always excited about seein him. One thing that maybe we could ask ourselves as missional people, is whether people miss us when we are not around.

This struck me over the last week, when in a school whch i regularly visit, but hadn’t been there the week before, but when arriving this time, the questions were flowing about, “where were you Andy?””How come you weren’t here last week Andy?”We of course need to be careful that this doesn’t give us that usual youthworker ego situation, but there is osmething about the fact that these lads knew that ic ame in each week, and wanted to see me, h...

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Breath of life

breathing is one of those things that for most of us it simply just happens! We just do it! We don’t even have to think about it to make it happen! It is a natural happening in most of our lives! But what happens when that natural happening isn’t natural any more? What happens when that natural happening si something that we really do have to think about?

Recently I faced this struggle, not being able to breathe! Not feeling I was getting any air into my lungs or into my body!

The reaction to this brought out panic, worry, fear in me, as what I knew tokeep me alive was now something I had to work at!!

Jesus tells us he is the breath of life! The very thing that keeps us going through life! So what does it feel like when that thing, the breath of life is not with us, or we don’t feel itt i...

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The excitement of the big step

So at the time of sitting and writing this post, the realisation of the vision is striking me. over the last number of years, ggod has consistantly called me out of controlling and into leading, and given me the vision for more missional leaders reaching out and impacting young people’s lives with all that god has for them.

In 2 days time, I give up self-employment, give up control on all that I have been doing, and engage in a whole new way fo working, relationships, and leading.

As of next week, I become an emplyee of RolltheRock the charity!!!

This is a huge challenge, for me personally, for us as a family, for those stepping up into trustee rolls, and those on the vision team helping to shape the vision for the way ahead.

It is an enormous step, a huge risk, but so was stepping ot of t...

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The challenge of impacting communities

Recently I have done some teaching, Looking at how Jesus lived, and the similarities of how Paul lived also.

What is very striking in both the lives of Jesus and Paul, is the impact the covental relationship with the father in Heaven meant to them. Jesus heard his father say, “this is my son of whom I am well pleased”Luke.3.21-23; Jesus heard those words, received thsoe words and lived out of his embracing of those words.

Paul or Saul as he was, in Acts.9.1-6 meets Jesus on the roa, and is impacted by that encounter, impacted with forgiveness, love, the reality of what it is to know Jesus personally.

The reality in both these lives, is that they received what the father had for them, and lived it out, other’s around them were impacted because of their embrace of the covenental relationshi...

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Managing Situations

Recently I had the pleasure of going to watch milton Jones in concert here in Harrogate, very funny, very clever, and very spontaneous to what was going on around him.

One particular moment in the show toward the end, where he was building to a climax, there was a lady in the audience wh’s laugh was very distinctive, very loud, and somewhat uncontrolable. milton Jones coul dhave been thrown, distracted, or reactionary in the sitatuion, and lose where he was going in the show, but what he did was both clever, and added to the situation, he controlled the situation.

He didn’t react, he didn’t respond, he stayed calm, he allowed space, he waited, he allowed things to happen as they were, and gently allowed it to continue and engaged wih it.

it was an amazing situation where one man, on a stag...

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