Activities in Rwanda

So Saturday 2nd August sees 9 of us leaving for Rwanda. for and idea of all that we are doing, please read below:

2 August: We fly from Manchester;
3 August: We arrive in Kigali Rwanda and have our orientation;
4 August: Visit to Rwanda memorial museum in morning, then time with sponsor children in the afternoon;
5 August: Bugesera for the day, painting a school, plus giving out gifts of hope to families, including goats and food;
6 August; same as 5 August;
7 August: visit centre in morning where girls are taught and learn a trade in various beauty theropies. Then visit project in afternoon with tutorial group of lads;
8 August: Day safari;
9 August: morning with sponsor children, afternoon at local Rwandan market;
10 August: attend local Church in morning, visit football academy in the a...

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10 year anniversary of the work of Rolltherock, and our re-launch

Friday 17 October, 7 pm at the Yorkshire hotel.
Speakers are:
Rev. Paul Nash, chaplain at Birmingham children’s hospital,
Ian henderson, director of the Naked Truth project.
Andy Wilson Director of Rolltherock.

On arrival you will receive drinks, meal, plus tea/coffee.

Please click here to buy your tickets.

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RolltheRock celebration evening

October 2014 sees 10 years of the work that i have been doing under the name of RolltheRock.

We are now looking at transitioning this work to expand, develop new openings, and see more leaders engage with young people across this region, and enable them to live the lives god has for them.

Friday 17 october, will see our re-launch night, and we are really excited to host this evening at the Yorkshire hotel here in Harrogate.

It is also a real honour to have 2 key speakers for the evening:

Revd Paul nash, is the lead Chaplain at Birmingham children’s hospital, and is having a documentary made about him and the work this year for the BBC. Paul has known Andy, for 18 years, and has been a real influence and guide through many areas of life.

Ian Henderson is also joining us...

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Not Kidding around!!!!

Ok, so at the time of writing this update, it is 12 days to go before we go to Rwanda!!!! time is certainly flying by!!!!

But we have now learnt, that something we can do out in Rwanda can have a bit of a twist!!!!

One of the things we are aiming to do is give gifts of hope to families out there, but we had thought this would be largely food, with other materials for family life, but there is now an addition to the gift of hope!!!!

A Goat!!!!

yes, indeed a goat!! as part of the gift of hope we will be giving out goats to families. We will also be giving out individual goats to families as well.

Goats can help to give stuff to families, milk for example, and the goat could also have kidds that they can sell on, and once the goat has died they have plenty of meat for a few meals.

This is...

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Virtually present!

Much of life in the 21st century is virtual, an attempt o create reality, but not actually reality. Whether it be games for various consols, or apps on our phone, we can involve ourselves in a different place rather than the reality of life that is happening around us.

The problem is, that reality still exists, even when we withdraw ourselves from that virtaul existence, once we stop looking at the screen we have to face the reality of life around us.

Often we attempt to mix the 2 together, so we attempt to engage with those around us, in the real world, whilst we are still engaging in our virtual lives, and the problem then becomes one of focus...

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Step-up Church assistants

For the last few years a scheme Called Step Up for local Church assistants in some for of leadership has been running across the Anglican Diocese. Rolltherock has palyed it’s part in helping to do some of the teaching, in various ways looking at different topics.

Thursday 10 July sees the commissioning of this years group, and this will be an amazing time where we hear stories of what god has done amongst them, plus pray for them and release them for their next stage.

Please do pray that this will be a special time for the Step-up people, and pray that they feel released for the next stage of whatever god has for them.

The next term of step-up starts in January, and if you are interested you can get more info from:

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It’s all in the number

So at the back end of 2013 i spent a day retreating, fasting, listening to god, and during the evening time, he very strongly gave me a number!!!!


Throughout 2014 so far, I have believed this was in relation to a group of young people that I work with along with others, and that God was growing the group to 28 young people!! And this is still our belief!! But actually as the year has gone on the number has taken on more meaning, and now has a very strong meaning for Rolltherock.

As many who read this will be aware we have been praying for an increase in support, a widening of our support base, and we have recognised, that we needed a further 560 pounds per month to see all That god had planned for us to come into fruition over coming months and years.

We have often asked people...

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Discipleship and mission taster day

For further information and timings and costs , plus bios of speakers, please click here

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Activities out in Rwanda

Ok, so as promised here is a rough update of our daily activities out in Rwanda this coming summer, a more detailed schedual will be coming soon, but we wanted to give you an update on our activities as things stood at this moment:

August 2: we fly from Manchester;
August 3 We arrive in Kigali, Rwanda capital and get used to our surroundings;
August 4: Rwanda memorial visit, plus home visits in Kigali, plus Andy to meet with a blind sponsor lad out there to bring encouragement.
August 5: visit to Bugesera, painting a school, plus gifts of hope to families;August 6: Bugesera, pointing school room, plus gifts of hope to families;
August 7: Visit to dream centre, work with tutorial groups there, plus getting involved with other work in the dream centre;
August 8: Safari;
August 9: visit to Ki...

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God or self?

Recently i have been doing some reflection upon how much of my life is lead by what I want, and how much is lead by God.

If we are all honset, we will all say that there are strong points of our lives that we lead, and maybe we don’t even let others in, or allow others to have a say, never mind letting God have a say or an impact upon our lives.

The thing is that we live in a self orientated world, where so many of us place ourselves first, our desires, our wants, and even our own perseved needs, but we don’t step back from ourself to ask what God may be asking of us instead of what we are asking of ourselves.

The more we pace ourselves at the centre the more we are likely to encounter friction, as that is what the culture expects, people to be at the centre, and that is why we have such ...

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