Colaboration or individualisation

There is a very stark difference that our culture today offers,vs that which maybe God would want us to engage in.

individualisation thinks very much of the self, me, myself,I, the person. We do things for our own honour, our glory, our recognition, o our profile, and so on.

Collaboration on the other hand looks very much more to the goal, the aim of what is menat to be achieved, much more about others rather than self. Much more about joining up, togetherness, partnership, honouring others and so on.

Do we struggle in Church culture when we look to build ourselves, forget others, not join with others, build our own profile and disregard others. Putting our own self interests to one side to see others honour is never really thought of.

Doing things alone is very much an individualisti...

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Loving harrogate event

before Christmas, a couple of us felt that itt would be a great idea to join together and for young people in this area to love the town.

4 of us met recently, and an idea of what it might look like and whenit could take place started to emerge.

To make this a great event, we are holding an evening on the 11 Feb, 2015, in the lower meeting room at the Wesley centre, at 7.30 pm, and we would love as many people engaged with young people to come and hear abut the idea and help us move it forward.

Love Harrogate will take place this summer, for an afternoon and evening, and our hope is that many young people,families, and groups will sign up to make this a great day.

do come and join us on the 11 Feb, 7...

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Words from the prayer evening

Wed 28 Jan, 2015.

This was an evening held for praying for young people and youth leaders across the region.

There were some very clear words that came from the evening:

Impact: There was a very strong sense that god was saying that in a gentle loving way, he wanted to impact people’s lives. He wanted people to understand and feel the impact of what it meant to receive his love.

Light the fire: A very strong sense that was wanting his people to be re-impassioned and re-ignited with the call he had placed upon people’s lives. he was wanting to stir his people agin so that they would engage with young people in a way that had been done for quite soem time.

Sustainability: God is wanting to sustain his people, but it does mean that we have to go to him, to rest in and with him, and allow him ...

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Learning community

This weekend, 30/31 Jan, we are seeing a dozen teams of youth leaders come together to process and work out what god is doing amongst their work, and what he is calling them too.

This is an exciting weekend, as a number of the church teams will be processing this for the first time, but we also have a few who have been through this process once, and are now looking to move forward in a deeper way.

RTR are really excited as we are leading those teams who are moving forward in a deeper manner, and we class this as a real honour to journey with these teams over the next 18 months or so.

Please pray for this coming weekend, that teams will clearly hear from god, feel inspired, have clear ideas for moving forward, and grow together in all that they are doing.

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Time to pray

As mentioned in previous emails, We have felt a realcall from god to come before him, and bring the young people of this area before him in prayer in a more consistant, and purposeful manner.

We will be wanting these times to be open times where people come together, can move to different parts of a room, engage with different asepcts, but feel the freedom of praying how they wish too, plus hearing god how they want too, and bringing young people of the region and country before god.

This first evening, weather permitting, will take place this Wednesday, 28 Jan, at Kairos netowrk church at 7.30 in the evening, and finish about 9 pm.

It would be great to have as many people there as possible.

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News update


This last week, we held our firrst evening, for parents and leaders helping them understand and process ways to engagewith young people and the impact of pornography.

There was good feedback, and some great discussions taking place, and the feeling was, was that this was a great start for other things to take place in and around this region regarding this issue, and momentum has now started. We also had a few good discussions, around further possibilities for things to happen in the area, regarding young people and youth leaders, so more tocome on this.


Andy had a great weekend with a group fo 11 young people. lots of laughter, fun, games, activities, and times for the young people to engage with god...

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Cyber Bully

I hope that many of you saw this powerful and enlightening film last week on Channel4.

It was powerful in that it addressed the extremities of bullying online in a single context, and helped people realise the power of what is said online.

We would recommend that if you haven’t seen it and are able to get 4od it is well worth a good look.

If you are going to watch it, i suggest you don’t read the rest of this blog post until you have seen it!!!

It was powerful how the programme started with Casey and her friend, looking at things online, and making comments about what/who they saw, and leaving those comments online.

This was put in the context of fun, laughter, which was later addressed in the film.

Casey then realised that someone was hacking hers and her friends instagram accounts, plus ...

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Let’s talk about porn

Wednesday 21 Jan, Mowbury Community Church, 7.30 sees an interactive guided discussion around the issue of porn, and the way it is impacting the lives of young people in our society.

Romance Academy and Naked Truth, are National leaders in helping youth leaders, parents and others engage wisely with this growing topic.

many people would have seen TV documentaries last year on channel 4 and elsewhere of it’s impact, so this evening is timely, helpful and an encouragement that it is happening in Harrogate.

We would encourage you to come and spread the word about this evening to others who may be interested in joining this discussion.

It is apropriate for parents of teens, partents of older kids, those working with teens and kids also.

Will be a great informative and interactive night for us ...

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Let’s talk about porn

This issue is having an increasing impact upon the lives of teenagers in our society today.

We, in partnership with Local Churches are hosting an evening for parents to come and discss, and engage with ways of how to tackle this issue with their teens.

Romance Academy, and Naked Truth have explored this issue with many parents over time, and we are excited to host them here in Harrogate for an evening of engaging and interactive discussion.

Venue; Mowbury Community church;
Date; Wednesday 21 January;
Time: doors open at 7 pm with refreshments, and the discussion starts at 7.30 pm.

If you are a parent or anyone who has involvement in the life of a teen then this evening is a must for you.

It is a free evening, but if you are planning on coming, please simply email:

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Just before Christmas i was asked during a leadership gathering, what my reflection was for 2014, how would I some up 2014? My answer was in using the word re-psitioning!!! It has certainly felt that 2014 God re-positioned me in different ways for what ws coming next.

It has felt my family has been re-positioned, work at Kairos has been re-positioned and certainly Rolltherock has been re-positioned.

So what is the word for 2015?

As things have been re-positioned, it now feels that this is a year to build!! Things ae in place,to build for the future!! 2015 has to be a year of building upon the re-positioning of 2014.

RolltheRock is now a full charity! We have our new bank account! We will be asking those who currently support us to transfer their giving in March, but for those who wish to h...

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