plans and preparation

It is important leading to a time of rest and fun and celebration at Christmas, that preparation and palnning already look to the new year.

This week we will be celebrating with other youth leaders for all that god has doen this term, as well as Andy having a coupel fo different lots of accountability.

But plans and thought sare already going toward the new year!!


Andy has long been bothered about how little support there is for Youth leaders in our nation and he starts his new research inJanuary, and a date is already set for January for starting this research.


a few of us have been chatting recently about what it wold look like to see a generation gather together and bless our town, and there is a date set in January where a few youth leaders are gatheirng toge...

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Rethinking christmas

Culturally Christmas is a time where people always say, it is a time to spend with family, stay inside, don’t go out, lock themselves away, but seriously is that what actually happened at Christmas?

Did god actually keep himself to himself at Christmas and not engage with others?

We have become so insular, so inward thinking and so removed from what Christmas should actually be about.

Don’t get me wrong, it si great to catch up with others, bless them with presents and enjoy family time, but we are missing out on a huge part of chrismtas if we think only in this way.

Jesus left Heaven, came to us, came to be part of our world, and not staying where he was.

If Jesus came, engaged in our lives at the first Christmas isn’t this a better example of what should happen at Christmas for us?

We ne...

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In continuing to read Invisibles, came across an interesting chapter which explored how our society has moved from understanding peoples character or personality, to their profile.

who we are is now identified by by our likes, interests, the things that show on facebook or twitter, and not so much a persons character or personality.

We now think we know someone by their profile, without actually getting to know them as a person, their character or their personality.

As someone who is blind, knowing someone is an interesting thing for me, you can actually tell so much in a person, their character, and personality by the intenation in their voice.

I listen so much to how people speak as much as what they are saying.

People can say so much about what they do, what they like, and so on, and ye...

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Heard an interesting phrase recently, which said, our attitudes are our thoughts inside out!!

Thought about this for a while and realised the power behind this phrase.

How we think, and our apporoaches to situations show up in our attitudes. We cannot keep things hidden in, thoughts do not stay inside, they always show themselves.

Thoughts shwo themselves on our face, in our reactions, in our words, in our actions, in all that we are!!

Our attitude towards others is shown by our thoughts toward them, and people are not silly, they know, they are aware of our attitudes towards them and our thoughts about them.

As I think about this, i am aware of Gods attitude toward me, love, worth, value, care, salvation, and much more, and it is shown in his thoughts about me, and how that lvoe is lived ...

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We are excited to anounce a voluntary post with us here at Rolltherock.

As we grow, and enable further growth we recognise the ened to ensure foundations are strong.

we have an exciting post to be part of the team, as an administrator position, working alongside Andy wilson and members of the trustees ensruing that proper administration takes place for Rolltherock.

Initially this will mean helping to apply for money from trusts, which have already been identified, so it will be filling out the forms apropriately, working closely with the Director and the trustees.

work times are flexible, and working from home is also a possibility.

If you are interested in this post helping build stronger foundations for our future, or know someone who would be interested in supporting our work in thsi wa...

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People were never meant to do things alone! Togetherness is something that is much under-estimated in todays society.

We need to recognise that different people bring different abilities, tallents, gifts to any given situation, the challenge is to spot the right people who will speak into a situation at the right time.

Many people may get the recognition, a film producer, team captain, manager, leader, but actually they are only as good as the parts and members of the team of people around them.

Collaboration means everyone sharing the same heart, same vision, aiming for the same goals. Joining together to see the same outcome.

The holy Trinity even exists in collaboration, togehter aiming for the same thing, god the father, Son, and holy spirit, together, in partnership with each other, i...

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week in review

This last week has seen a lot of reviewing of leadership, resourcing, and engaging.

Andy spent the evening last tuesday with a small group fo young people, but what was inspiring about that group was the fact that even the most recent member of the group had starrted to bring a friend along to it, and he was engaging with all that was starting to take shape within that context. One thing that suck out for me, was the need for those first points of contact with young people, to have that engagement, because without that the hope that we claim to have will never be released.

Andy spent a large chunk of Wednesday in Ashville college lcoally, and enabling young people to engage with what it is to be blind, and how life works for a blind person...

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Our passion

Recently we have been doing some reading throgh the book of Revelation in the Bible. We reached a part where it was evident that God was angry and frustrated with things, and demonstrated that anger in various ways.

It got me wondering what gets us angry, what makes us want to see a difference in what is going on arond us?

At our relaunch in October, I made the statement that media companies and others should be picked up on their use of the word ├┐ouths”! since when did a tiem of life become usable as a term of condemnation, and i said that i would never let that happen through our work, and actually we would stand for young people where they are looked down on, disregarded or spoken about n derogatory ways, and as Rolltherock we would stand in the gap for those young people, and stand up ...

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Youth teams learning community

Learning communities are a great place to enable processing of what god is saying for where we are at, as well as allowing others to speak into our context as well.

the greatest phrase for a learning community is that everyone is an expert in the room!! We all have someting valuable to contribute to the process each is on, and we all bring something unique to the gatheirng.

Having been on a Learning community once, it truly does help focus on what god is claling out of us, and enables time to really engage with the tough questions.

It is a huge amount of fun, and builds some brilliant friendships from different churches who engage with the process.

rolltherock are really excited about partnering with Timetorebuild to enable one of these opportunites to happen in the north of England.


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Week in review

this last week, it has been a real honour to see God at work in people’s lives, and for moments of revelation to happen in people’s lives.


saturday saw a team from Kairos visit Billingham and enable a group of leaders engage with the issues of mission and disciplehsip.

We engaged in a workshop exmploring these issues in regard to teenagers, and although the numbers were small, god clearly opened eyes, minds to his possibilities, and we could ask no more.

We will keep our connection with these guys, and we are praying for all that god has for them in the months to come.


This part of the year on Step-up has now completed as we enabled those on Step-up to explore the issue of having a Bold Life last thursday.

We explored motivation, demonstration and invitation in regard to...

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