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RolltheRock and Easter

Easter is always an important time of year for RolltheRock. The happenings of Easter underpin all that RolltheRock is about.
The stone rolling away from the tomb, releasing Jesus from the grave, from the grips of death, the final act of the conquoring of all that gets in the way of our eternal relationship with God.
The stone rolling away from the tomb, removing obstacles between Jesus and freedom, removing barriers that block the way between us and God.

The rock didn’t just have to move a little, there needed to be momentum to enable the rock to completely roll away, to leave theway completely wide open for Jesus to come out of the tomb, for people to fully and absolutely encounter him and engage with him...

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Roll The Rock: Creating A Network

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Letter from Roll the Rock reference group

It is exciting, and perhaps to some surprising, that Roll The Rock now celebrates the completion of ten years ministry with young people in Harrogate and the surrounding areas.

Over the years Roll The Rock has enabled Andy Wilson, as a self-employed worker, to share God’s love and challenges with many thousands of young people. There are countless stories of young lives that have been changed, motivated and inspired by the Gospel through Andy’s ministry.

As a Reference Group it has been a privilege for members to hear first-hand some of these stories and engage with the challenges and opportunities that the project generates.

Maintaining the project has at times been challenging, not least because the overall responsibility has rested very much on one pair of shoulders.

The Reference G...

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Lent is always an interesting time of year, discussions constantly around what are you giving up, but interestingly there is little discussion around the question why? Why give anything up at all?

Some good friends of mine use to go oposite, and rather than giving something up, they would take something else on, whether that be financially supporting another charity, or taking on supporting soemone, but rather than giving up they would take something on.

Lent for me this year has been a focus of discipline, giving up biting my finger nails!!!

This has been a bad habit i have had for years, and I do mean years, so stopping this has been a huge challenge, but not just simply stopping it, but engaging in the discipline of stopping doing it.

At the point of writing this lent has been going for...

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Establishing a network

For quite a long time now it has been clear that RolltheRock has enjoyed some amazing relationship with a number of leaders across this area and beyond.

These relationships have taken various forms, from mentoring, to advisory, through to acting as a consultant, and even resource provider.

What has been clear that a number of people have been asking similar questions at times, but more than this, we actually believe that a number of people who we relate too have important things that they can input into eachother.

We are therefore developing a new network across the various places of relationship that we enjoy, and will be looking to draw people together, sharing food, growing in relationship together, as well as seeking god for what he is doing, and what our response needs to be to that, ...

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RTR news update

There are a few different things to update you on, so it seemed the best place to do that here:


forms have now been submitted to the Ladies college so we are hopeful for the resuming of the lunchtime discussions real soon.

we have also been approached by another school in Horseforth to do a day there in late April, please pray for this contact.


The reference group are busy working on a communication for all our supporters, so please do pray for them, and for the correct wording in the communication for the exciting next steps and future for RolltheRock.

There is also a Youth Leader arrived locally, who Andy has spent some time building up a great relationship with...

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Wants vs needs

As kids our favourite phrase without doubt must have been, Ï Want!!!!!!!!”

Whatever it was, whatever we saw other kids having that we didn’t have, we always said Ï want!!!!!”

No doubt there were various reasons behind this, partly, because others had something therefore we ought to have it as well; or maybe it was simply because we didn’t hav it so therefore we ought to have it; Or maybe we even believed that we actually needed it; but one thing was for sure we knew that we wanted it!!!!!

At the same time our parents favourite phrase was Ï want doesn’t get!!!!!”

Again various reasons possibly behind this, maybe because they couldn’t afford it; Maybe because it just wasn’t apropriate for us to have whatever it might have been; Or maybe the primary reason was that we just didn’t need it.

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Relational influence

So many wish they had influence, and so many desire it!!

We see it in our politicians, every election time, they want to convince us that they are the right people for us, the people of the country to vote for!!

But why? They try to convince us that we can trust, that they are reliable, that they are the right people who care about us!!!

The one thing that they struggle with, and I guess will never fully have, is proper relationship with us, the people they are trying to convince, or seeking to lead.

Many who read this blog will be in leadership positions, and if not, will be in family or friendship positions, where actually relationship matters, and because of relationship we are able to have some level of influence.

Influence doesnt’just ahppen because we want it, or think we should ha...

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Introduction to Roll The Rock

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At a gathering a Kairos recently, where we simply spend time with God, no teaching, simply worship and prayer, and listening to God, I became verya ware of the whole issue of freedom!! Freedom both for me, but also for others.

In one of Paul’s letters he writes, it is for freedom that Christ has died and set us free, but I wonder what freedom looks liek for each of us.

Reading Pauls letters in the New Testament, he clearly knew and understood that he had needed to be saved from something, froma way of life, and he needed freedom from that way of life.

Whereas Peter understood freedom to be something alittle different and he had not gone through the life choices that Paul had gone through before meeting Jesus.

My simple understanding of freedom, is enjoying life, not being constrained,...

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