Culturally relevant?

This is a comment and an argument i have heard from many differently people for such a long time, but i wodner if we have given up too much as Disciples and members of Gods kingdom to make that difference.
In terms of relevance, do we need to people who are simply much more understanding of people, rather than focussing on the argument of relevance?  being relevant gives the impression that we need to addopt cultural values, and maybe even give up on soem fo ourvalues as God’s disciples.
As members of god’s kingdom, shouldn’t we be relying upon god to lead the way, determine things, and for us to follow and of influence from that position of kingdom members, rather than being peead by, or addoptive of cultural values and attitudes around us?
Just because we are called to cerle group, or ar...

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re-defining talents 

Why is it for so long there is been many comments around how good a communicator someone is, or how much time they give to something. 
Particularly within the framework of working with young people, there has been lots of comments about how funny someone is! How ell they speak! how good they are at understanding people and no doubt many other comments too, all of which may be true, but i wonder how many people make the comment of how well a disciple does at making other disciples.
Communicating is great, understanding people is necessary, being funn always helps, but is there a deeper more challenging question that maybe some don’t want to ask, and that is the question around cipleship?
As Disciples we are called to make Discples, and see them grow in their Discipleship...

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News update 

One thing which we are always keen to do is to keep people up to date with the impact of all that god has to be involved in.
One fo the key things in supporting leaders is mentoring, andy last week, had the privilege of catchin up with someone who he ahs mentored for quite a while now, and was overjoyed with the transformation that gone on in thsipersons life. There was a renewed energy, renewed life, and renewed vision, and it is always a privilege to be involved in people’s lives when you see thsi happen.
Lat week also saw the first gathering of the new Harrogate Youth leaders netowrk. It was a small beginning as some were away, but it was great to see people starting new friendships, and exploringg new ideas. Thsi will undoubtedly grow.
Andy has been asked...

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Where do we get confidence from?

I have been thinking a lot about confidence  recently, and it was highlighted to me even more whilst watching DR Who on Saturday night.There was a discussion between the DR’s 2 assistants about what the DR would do in a difficult situation, and how wold he get himself out of it. As part of the discussion, one asked the question of how the DR always came up with a solution to his circumsntace? To which the other replied, that he always knew that he would, and so he did!!!
Obviouusly a fictional context, but yet, something interesting that the DR knew he would resolve the situation, because he always did.
In this context, the DR had confidence in himself, but i wonder if we can transfer this into our lives, so that we can have confidence in god in all contexts of our lives, so we know that h...

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power and leadership 

Much is assumed about people in leadership, and the power they apparently seek.  But what is interesting is whether there is a possible shift in what people understand about power and leadership, especially when it comes to leading people. 
Much has been written, spoken and reflected uon, in regard to the recent Labour leadership election, and this is no reflection upon the person who has been elected as the leader, but much more abut the language that has now been addopted. 
Many in that leadership contest, spoke of the need of winning the next election, or getting back into power, but interesting the person who won, did not focus primarily uopon those issues, but spoke much more about people! the people of Britain! There was almost a redressing of what it meant to be a leader, as there w...

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new happenings 

So there are some adjustments for us, and some new things starting. 
Very shortly you should be able to spot some new changes to both our emailing to you, and also to our website. 
The website willhopefully become clearer, and less cluttered, but we will also have our video at the top alongg with our brand new logo. Our emailings will also have our great new logo on is as well.
you will also be able to see who all is involved in various ways in making Rolltherock move forward, and we hope that over this coming year there will be more to say on this. 
New Happenings:
So again we have tried to clarify soem of what we do and make it clearer for people. 
networks: We  have helped to iniatate a couple of new networrks locally...

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Stories from the summer 

As we have often posted here before, you just never know how much impact you make when you allow  God to use you in many different places of life. 
This summer, Andy was out for lunch with one of our trustees, and the lad serving them, recognised Andy and remarked how much he had looked forward to Andy coming into school each time, and how much of an inspiration Andy was to him and to others in the school.
But what is really interesting is when, not only do people mention things to you personally, but they also mention it to others: 
Andy had been catching up with another youth leader in the area over a cup of tea, and when the person Andy was meeting went to pay, the person who had served them remarked that he recognised Andy, and was always encouraged each time Andy came into school, and...

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Being at Peace 

For quite a while i have been thinking through what it means to have a life that i would want others to immatate.
I have also been processing who it is i look too, the lifestyle they live, how they are as a person, and how they engage with others.
Obviously One person I look too, is Jesus, how he engaged with ohters, how he withdrew himself from others at times, how he ensured he spent time with his father in Heaven, and how he spent time with others. 
But I have also had the privilege to be lead by some great leaders, who i am wanting to continuously learn from. how is it that they seem to be at peace with themselves, what they are doing, who they are, and who they are in God. 
We live very much in a culture of having to prove yourself, having to be involved, having to react, and so on...

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Scarred leadership 

So I toyed with entitling this post Scarred leadership, or vulnerable leadership particularly as it relates to an earlier post in part looking at the issue of vulnerability.

Having now had the stitches removed from my oporation, it has struck me that i will have to live with the scars from the oporation, the scars will never completely totally disappear.

The challenge or question for me, is how do i live with that knowledge, but also with the reality fo the scars.

Life leaves us with many scars, teh process of having the oporation on my back has made me revisit happenings in my past, around losing my eyesight and has made me more aware of things i went through that i was previously unaware of.

I, We, live with so many scars, so many things that have happened in our lives, the challenge...

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ÏÏÏÏÏÏÏÏ’ve got your back!’A common used phrase in war films or programmes with the police in, because the reality is that the back is possibly one of our most vulnerable places! We don’t know what is happening behind us, we can’t control what is going on behind us, and so anything can happen to our back at any time, so it is important that people do have our back!!

I have learnt the importance of this recently, as i have had an opporation on my back removing a couple of things of it that the hospital felt they needed to remove! lieing there, not sure what was going on, what they were doing, not able to go anywhere, move to far at all, not to mention all the historical stuff that kept coming to mind re previous visits tohospital i felt so vulnerable!!

and there is the afterwards ...

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