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pics from the launch night





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Vision for the RolltheRock movement future

As pat of our launch on 17 october, I shared what i felt god was giving us as our future for the coming time.

i spoke, about how Rolltherock had to be more than Andy Wilson, and if it didn’t manage that then I would have failed. The movement needs to gather more pace, more people, and more encounters for young people with Jesus.

We need to enable greater opportunities for young people in their contexts to encounter Jesus, and see transformation in their culture.

I spoke about how young people need Faith, Hope and Love. a generation grounded in Faith, living in the Hope that Jesus has for them, and showing the lvoe that they have experienced to others.

If ever our generation needed to know the Hope and Love of Jesus it was now...

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Words for our future

As part of our launch on the 17 October, a number of people rpayed for us at the end of the evening, and had anumber of words from god for us, we will be sharing these over the coming weeks, so you get to see these at different times, so below is the first few words that were given to us:

1: The woman pouring perfume from the allabaster jar over the feet of Jesus: The word was around the fragrance from the perfume, and that there will be a godly fragrance from Rolltherock that others will sense. also with this word was for us to continue following Jesus and sacreficing things for Jesus. She was also prepared to take risks, and Rolltherock needs to be prepared to take risks where others won’t. We also need to be there for the marginalised in society...

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RolltheRock anouncements

So at our re-launch last Friday evening, 17 October, we anounced that we have now been registered as a charity. This is indeed exciting news as we move forward as a movement seeing Discipleship change for a generation.

This has been a while coming, but it is eciting now that we are registered and established, and now can look at developing work further, across a wider region, and enabling more young people and leaders to encounter Jesus and see transformation across their contexts.

Further to this,we also anounced that in partnership with RwandaChild we will be transforming a families life in Rwanda over the next 2 years, as we seek to build a house for them...

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Youth leaders update

Thursday, 9 october, Andy was in Sheffield, doing some workshop training in a youth leaders streem.

It was a great time exploring where youthwork and Discipleship appear in the Bible. But also we explored deeper discipleship, and the discipleship of young people.

There was some processing of a new resource Andy is looking at developing, and he has explored it again with a group of leaders here in Harrogate.

there will be more about this resource coming soon, but for the time being it is enough to say, it explores Discipleship, hearing and responding to God’s voice.

We loved partnering with the guys at Time to Rebuild, and look forward to more times with them in the future, to learn more about them, go to

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Re-launch raffle prizes

So Friday, 17 October, we are hositng our 10 year celebration and re-launch, and as part of our celebrations, we are having a raffle to raise some further support.

the list of prizes is below, but if you can’t mkae it, but want to support us by getting some raffle tickets, please go to the donate page on our fron tpage, and donate, your name will come thorugh, and we will put your name on some tickets on the night. 10 pounds equals 10 tickets, so do donate.

Prizes are:

Afternoon tea at the Yorkshire hotel;
sweet hamper from Ripley store;
5 VIP coffee vouchers from Nero’s;
2 wine prizes from York wines;
2 hand made candles;
Hand made necklace;
i-tunes voucher;
amazon voucher;
tin of posh biscuits;
cut/blowdry from local hair dresser;
2 wash and dry, plus styling from a local hair dresser;


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update for celebration event

So on the 17 october, we have our 10 year celebration event, at the yorkshire hotel here in Harrogate.

This promises to be an exciting evening, and as part of our re-launch as funding, we have a raffle which will be drawn on the night.

below is a list of current prizes that can be won:
Afternoon Tea for 2 at the Yorkshire hotel;
Sweet hamper from Ripley store;
2 prizes from York wines;
a cut/dry/style from a local hair dresser;
2 wash/dry/style, from a local hair dresser;
2 candles from emmylou’s candles;
i-tunes and amazon vouchers;

as more prizes come through we will update you.

tickets are running out quickly for this event, so if you want one of the last few tickets, please go here:

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youth leaders network

This last Saturday, in partnership with Kairos church and 3dm, we held a day exploring Discipleship and mission with and for young people.

this was a great day, and many came, and engaged in the discussion times during the day.

As part of this we are growing a network of youth leaders across the region, and we would love you, if you are a youth leader to join us at various opportunities.

the first of these opportunities is on 13 October, at lunchtime, where we will eat together, and Andy will be giving some input for us to chew over during the time as well.

so please do make it, venue, Kairos netowrk church, time will be midday, and finish at 1.30 pm.

Please do let us know if you are able to come.

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Challenges in todays culture

young people, families, face many challenges from culture today, but one of the most previlent is that of pornography.

this is an issue that many find hard to talk over themselves, never mind talking to their young epople about.

In partnership with the romance Academy and naked truth project, we are hositng an evening in January, exploring these challneges, and how families, youth leaders, schools, and young people themselves can tackle the challenges of this culture.

Wed, 21 January, 2015 sees an evening doing exactly this, so put it in your diaries, and more info will be coming soon.

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