Being at Peace 

For quite a while i have been thinking through what it means to have a life that i would want others to immatate.
I have also been processing who it is i look too, the lifestyle they live, how they are as a person, and how they engage with others.
Obviously One person I look too, is Jesus, how he engaged with ohters, how he withdrew himself from others at times, how he ensured he spent time with his father in Heaven, and how he spent time with others. 
But I have also had the privilege to be lead by some great leaders, who i am wanting to continuously learn from. how is it that they seem to be at peace with themselves, what they are doing, who they are, and who they are in God. 
We live very much in a culture of having to prove yourself, having to be involved, having to react, and so on...

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Scarred leadership 

So I toyed with entitling this post Scarred leadership, or vulnerable leadership particularly as it relates to an earlier post in part looking at the issue of vulnerability.

Having now had the stitches removed from my oporation, it has struck me that i will have to live with the scars from the oporation, the scars will never completely totally disappear.

The challenge or question for me, is how do i live with that knowledge, but also with the reality fo the scars.

Life leaves us with many scars, teh process of having the oporation on my back has made me revisit happenings in my past, around losing my eyesight and has made me more aware of things i went through that i was previously unaware of.

I, We, live with so many scars, so many things that have happened in our lives, the challenge...

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ÏÏÏÏÏÏÏÏ’ve got your back!’A common used phrase in war films or programmes with the police in, because the reality is that the back is possibly one of our most vulnerable places! We don’t know what is happening behind us, we can’t control what is going on behind us, and so anything can happen to our back at any time, so it is important that people do have our back!!

I have learnt the importance of this recently, as i have had an opporation on my back removing a couple of things of it that the hospital felt they needed to remove! lieing there, not sure what was going on, what they were doing, not able to go anywhere, move to far at all, not to mention all the historical stuff that kept coming to mind re previous visits tohospital i felt so vulnerable!!

and there is the afterwards ...

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Learning community 

S as many of you will remember sadly, we had to cancil the learning community for youth leaders and their teams back in January due to heavy amounts of snow in Sheffield.

Well exciting news, the restart is now in sight!!!

we are launching and starting the learning community for youth leaders and their teams in Sheffield on the 5/6 June. and it would be great if you weren’t able to jin us in starting in January, if you want to start with us and join with us in June, then this can still appen.

Please go to and click on learning communities and info will be up over the next couple of weeks for you to book in and with info abut wha is happening.

We are relly excited about is starting,a dn at the planning meeting last week, we had a great time planning for all that g...

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Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 09.57.09


please read the letter from the chair of our trustees. Sabbatical letter – March 2015

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How a young person views things 

Each week, in different ways, and with different young people often, we engage with all sorts of stories. 

This last week, overr a meal chatting with some young people, we heard an amazing testimony, where having asked a question about people who have made a positive difference in our lives, one young person told an amazing story, of how struggles they had gone through, and some tough times at the hands of others, hwo they have made a positive difference in their life now, beccause coming through those times, knowing that god was with them, has made them stornger now, and this was becuase of what had happened and knwoing that god was with them.

this was an amazing story, an amazing time, and a real challenge on how we view things, situations, ohters, and the impact they have upon us...

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Growing community and trust 

It is interesting all the different places where you cn grow community, and build it with trust and discipleshp at it’s roots.

we have thprivilege of engaging in local schools, and in one in particular where we go regularly, there is a real sense of a community is growing, and how the young people who come along to that weekly, gathering, engage with thoe of us who are there, engage with each other, and how we can start to engage with them in the life of Jesus and other discipleship life stuff in the Bible.

Tthere is about a dozen who come along each week, and yes it is over a lunchtime, yes it is including them brgringing lunch, and it does involve playing airhockey, but it also includes looking at people in the Bible and how they lived, it inclues looking at chrstian values, and how tho...

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Releasing leaders 

As well as releasing a generation, another of our values is releasing a network of leaders, but Andy has come aware of the different meanings of the releasing idea for leaders.

yes we want to release leaders into the work of reaching a generation, but also, there is time when leaders themselves need releasing from something that is holding them back, and rleeased into all that God wants them to be.

One of the pleasures of the rollthat Andy has is mentoring leaders, and seeing them grow through discussion, prrayer, allowing themselves to be open to god and what he is saying to them.

Recently, there has been one leader who has been through all sorts of issues, struggles in their life, and andy has mentored them, listened to them, spoken stuff into their life, travelled a journey with them...

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Words for RTR 

So as March is the first month for us as we move into a new status and Andy becomes employed  by the charity, some people have been praying, and we wanted to share these exciting words with you:

The first word was relating to the process that andy has been through in getting Rolltherock to thsi point. There was a picture of God emtying Andy of all that has gone before, but now a refilling of all that God has for him and for Rolltherock in the future.

The second word was related to a bank, and the idea of interest rates, and how they go and up down, and the word was, that from time onwards the interest rate for Rolltherock would increase not decrease, and that more and more would become interested in all that Rolltherock was involved in and doing.

The third word, was a picture of andy wa...

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Expectation to grow 

How do we view things and situations in life? this week I am attending the new Wine leaders conference! years ago i would have enjoyed it for meeting people, enjoying the conference experience, but now i want to meet with people yes, but more importantly i am expectant about meeting with god. 

i have had to ensure i approach these few days with the right minindset of wanting to engage and encoutner God in these times, but also recognsie these times for what they are, an opportunity to grow, a focussed time to grow. 

If i am to be the leader that God wants me to be, then I need to have that mindset of growth, and a mindset of looking for those things that God wants me to take away form thsi time and put in place for other ays and weeks of my life. not just the moment of engaging with God.

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