RolltheRock happenings over this last week

A number of great things have taken place over this last week, and we are committed to sharing up-to-date happenings.


We are hosting an evening for parents and others to come an listen and engage with this topic in relation to the impact i hs upon young people.

this evening will be on Wednesday 21 January, more detials coming soon.

We are also going to be hosting a lunch for teachers and staff in schools, to help them engage with this topic and understand the landscape a bit better for how young lives are being impacted, more info will be coming soon about this, but we are lookin at this happening toward the beginning of next term.


This last week it has been a real privilege to engage with local leaders, help them explore their work, and speak into their ...

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Roll models

There has been a lot in the news about this issue over the last couple of weeks with a convicted rapist going back to train with a football club he played or before his conviction.

the main thing i have been thinking about re this is the assumption that is being made in a number of contexts that he is a roll model!!!

Who made footballers inot being a roll model?

My thought was simply that most people who end up playing professional football do so becuase they enjoy playing football and are actually quite good at it!! (unless they play for arsenal of course said the man united fan)

I don’t believe that most footballers go into football thinking that they want to be a roll model for anyone never mind the next generation!! In the same way a banker goes into banking, a lawyer goes into law, a...

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Recently the meaning of friendship has been a hot topic of discussion in various circles. And more precisely the expectations of friendship!!

There is a good friend i meet up with once a week, and chat over life, and various other issues together, and enjoy a drink togehter. Without any conditions or expectations regularly we would buy each other a drink, without organising whether the other would buy another one back again, but just simply buy each other a drink out of just wanting to buy each other a drink.

Recenlty my friend wasn’t able to do this, he told me he couldn’t buy me a drink, I told him that that didn’t matter and that friendship wasn’t built upon whether he buy me a drink, or even further whether he cold do anything for me, he was simply a good friend.

He struggled with this...

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God gives and takes away

Interestingly this morning during a prayer time, we looked at Daniel and nebukaneza and how Nebukeneza looked upon his kingdom and recognised it as his. The problem was that he didn’t recognise god in what he had. he thought of it, and believed it to be his.

Sometimes we think of things as ours, not as God’s or even as things that god has given to us. and once this happens we can fall into a dangerous trap, and God can even take away what we have.

A number of years ago before moving to Harrogate, i remember having a full diary, a busy life, exciting times, only problem was that i thought of it all as mine, and took my eyes of God at certain points, and did things in my own strength, and even did some thtings that God would not have wanted me to do.

Within 2 weeks my full diary emptied, and...

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We are hosting an evening in November exploring where local Churches and organisations are connected with local Secondary schools and how we locally can better connect with one another, support each other in what we are doing, and ensure that there is no overlap in what is happening.

We are also aware that there is a lot of good heart toward local schools, but maybe somepeople may need some training in how to build their relaitonship with local schools, and support what is currently taking place in the school.

So we ae hosting an evening on the 13 november locally here in Harrogate, to ensure that there is better connection, better relationship building, better undertanding of what is involved and better communicatio betweent hose working in local schools.

Places are limited for this evnei...

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Recently I have perchased a couple of new albums, by different bands, an amaerican band called the Counting Crows, and an Irish band called U2. Certain lines in songs always jump out at me, and a line from a song from each band have lept at me, and are very related.

The line from the Counting Crows song says: ï have a need for affection but struggle with connection”.
Where the U2 song line says: ëvery ship recked soul knows what it is, to live without intemacy”.

Both these bands, their singers in particular recognising the need for that deep intemate love that all humans have an inner need for.

All of us have that need for intemacy, affection, possibly in different ways, but it is still an inbuilt need for all humans, and why? Because all of us want to know we are loved, valued, apprecia...

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This is a play on words rather than a bad piece of spelling!!!!

RolltheRock is a movement seeking a change in the culture of mission and Discipleship among young people in this country and beyond.

so rather than November, we thought we would go for Movember indicating our intention for movement, and being a movement having people go with us.

So as a movement, we are wanting people to join us in Movember to help see an move take place, and to support us in this movement.

We would love it if your church or you as an individual would become a regular supporter of this movemnt, starting in Movember.

We have set ourselves a big challenge this coming year, to find a further 28 Move Members, supporting us on a monthly basis, giving 20 pounds a month, or more if they can do so.

But we have also se...

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Alpha has been an exciting thing for us recently, in a number of different ways.

Firstly, we came to the end of the Alpha we had been doing with the sicth formers at St John fishers, and out of the 18 who joined us through the course, 10 of them invitedprayer for them to receive the Holy Spirit at the end of the course. It was really exciting to listen to Ric the chaplain at the school go around and pray for the group, and have words from God for each person who wanted prayer.

During the mission week at the school, there was a launch for another Alpha to start after the half term. For this launch party, it was exciting to have 18 young people there from across years 9, 10 and 11. All of whom seemed to have a lot of fun, but also engaged in the convesations in the small groups as well.


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More words from our relaunch event

If you want to read the first lot of words we had on the night, you can read them here: www.rolltherock.org.uk/?p=946

Further words for us from our relaunch night:

There was a picture of Andy with a bow and arrow, and firing at the target, and the word was that in situations, in relationships, i would hit the target. I would know the right things to say, where to pitch things, and God would guide to know the right direction.

There was a further word to say that all that had gone before was to build strong foundations for the future, and that god had established strong foundations and would grow somethhing very strong through Rolltherock due to the foundations that had been taken time over and dug deep.

There were also a couple of words around us fishing for people...

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Rwanda trip video 2014

check out this video recorded by the team at the end of the trip in August 2014. It includes their reflections on the trip as well as thoughts of what they would be bringing back from the UK. Rwanda trip video 2014






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