Space to Be

Yesterday, at the final session of a parenting course I’ve been co-running, one of the parents stated that the best thing she’s done as a result of the course is to slow down a little. This afternoon, I listened to one of the many fine tributes given to Sir Terry Wogan after his death this week, and I was reminded again of this virtue – slowing down a little, taking time to appreciate, leaving space to think and to put the right things at the top of the priority list. Apparently Sir Terry was very good at this.

So, it’s  a bit of a cheat for my first post for RollTheRock because I actually wrote this back in 2014. However, it seems apt to return to it today…

The debate over longer school hours and testing at 4 has been a hot topic in recent times...

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Movement to flourish 

I hit upon this phrase with my superviser for my research last week, and it seemed to sum up much of what we were thinkin gabout, but it also links in with our verse for this year: 

John.10.10: “a thief comes to steal but I come to give life in all its fullness”.  
What does it mean to have life in its fullness, well part of that would be to have a life that flourished, inspite of circumstances, we can still flourish.
The thing is, that we just don’t simply flourish, but probably spend most of our lives moving toward that place of flourishing. Life will always throw curve balls at us, and take away from us at times, but the chalall of us who have that rellationship with Jesus, is to keep on that journey, keep moving toward that place of flourishing. 
If Jesus words are true that he gives u...

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MAD 2016 

So we had a great time last week with others reviewing 2015 and looking ahead for MAD in 2016.
We are being ambitious in setting extra dates for this year, but we are recognising that the young people are loving being together, and loving being on mission together. 
We We are exploring how to move this around, and engate in ddifferent areas around the region.
So if you are a youth leader, or know of Secondary school young people who would love to get together, and enjoy Making A Difference locally, please make a note of these dates, and more info will be coming soon:
30 April;

16 July;

24 September;

26 November;

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Culture creators 

Recently at a training event, a leader asked  what was meant by creating a culture?  They were asking in relation to their work context!! 
Culture is so important, because it creates the environment for all that is going to take place.  So what is the culture we are enabling to exist, because out of the culutre that is created, will flow the happenings!! 
Many things impact and create the culture, personality, place, attitude, people, vision, and so much more, but it is important for us to realise that as God’s people, how we are, who we are, and where we are all impact the people around us.
So does your personality and vision match up with the culture you are wanting to create around you?
Do our actions and attitudes and approaches match up with the wods we proclaim and the culture we are...

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Network lunch 

As part of our calling it is important to gather leaders, and give them some space to hear from god, and process things for their context. 
So to this end, we are hosting 2 network lunches coming up before the summer.
February 2;

June 14;
These will be times to come eat together, have some inpt, and some tiem fo prayer also.
February 2, is at Kairos Netowrk church, and will runn from 12.30 to 2 pm.
it would be great if as amny youth leaders could make this as possible so we can honour you, engage better with you, and enable to see more of what god has for you.

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retreat day 

This last Tuesday, andy and ness had a day away, listening to god, praying together, deaming together, and working soem thigns out for the ocming time for Rolltherock. 
Some new things are coming through in terms of publicity, communicaiton, network, and also funding, so please do pray over all these things. 
We are also releasing Ness to dream, and hear form God about hwo to draw young people together better, and in different ways, so more can happen, and more gifts can be released, and we can see some new initiatives grow.
Please do continue to pray for all that we are engaging in, and for all that we beleive God is calling us too. 

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fuel continued 

So in a previous blog post i wrote about fuel, the fuel we need, and the need to take it in. and how Spending time with god and reading the Bible are the fule we need to continue on our journey wih god for all that he has for us.
But there is more to fuel than just the fuel we take in, and this what I want to explore here. 
not only is it right to have the right fuel, but it is necessary for the fuel to be topped up. how much do we enable ourselves to be topped up, without running on empty and sturuggling to a faultering hault.
not only do we need to be topped up, but also, the fur take stime to filter through to where it needs to go, and the for us, sometimes it takes time for God’s word to filter through into us, so it is sustai enabing us to flourish in all that god has for us. 
So wher...

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Learning Community 

Learning Community Flierb copy

We are really excited to launch our first youth leaders learning community in April 2016.
This is an 18 month process, exploring 4 key elements: Discipleship, Leadership, Mission and Legacy.

Learning communities can be a great way for youth leaders to explore key elements in their work with young people. It is a time to withdraw with your team and engage in different ways, to explore what is truly happening in your work, hear what God is saying to you, and make plans and goals for the future. It is also a time to learn and input into others – sharing thoughts and practices is really key.

This is not a conference, it is a facilitated time that also gives space for you to work things out in your own context. Guidance and support will be available throughout the 18 month period...

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Parents roll in youth Discipleship 

This is a post i have been sat on for quite a qhile,  not really knowing the best time, or way to post it, so i thought i’d post it now. 
Increasingly maybe now in the culture we live in, their is an increased roll between the rol of the parent and the roll of the youth leader, or maybe it is more necessary for these rolls to join up than beofre, or maybe it is smply that there is a struggle at times between the rolls of parent, and youth leader. 
it should be noted that this post, is just simply puting out some thoughts, not saying how things shoudl be necessarly. 
it should also be noted that in the amjority of situaitons, parents and youthhave the same heart, the best for the young people they are engaging with. 
it is also true, tat in the same way that adults gather, larng, talk, proc...

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As someone who is blind, obviously I personally have never put the wrong fuel into the car, but I have been told that it doesn’t do the car any good at all, and sometimes can cause some damage. 
The same is true for our bodies, as someone now training quite hard for the marathon in October, my trainer has put me on quite a strict nutrition schedual, knowing that as i train more, my body will need more of certain foods. 
i have been thinking a lot abouut fuel this week, as I taught a group on Thursday morning and Sunday eveniing, the fuel that keeps us going when we really need it. 
i am becoming more sure that many of the moans and groans that we have as humans out hwo we feel, or how our bodies feel, is due to what we put inot it at any given time. 
The new schedual i am on for eating, me...

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