Breath of life

breathing is one of those things that for most of us it simply just happens! We just do it! We don’t even have to think about it to make it happen! It is a natural happening in most of our lives! But what happens when that natural happening isn’t natural any more? What happens when that natural happening si something that we really do have to think about?

Recently I faced this struggle, not being able to breathe! Not feeling I was getting any air into my lungs or into my body!

The reaction to this brought out panic, worry, fear in me, as what I knew tokeep me alive was now something I had to work at!!

Jesus tells us he is the breath of life! The very thing that keeps us going through life! So what does it feel like when that thing, the breath of life is not with us, or we don’t feel itt i...

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The excitement of the big step

So at the time of sitting and writing this post, the realisation of the vision is striking me. over the last number of years, ggod has consistantly called me out of controlling and into leading, and given me the vision for more missional leaders reaching out and impacting young people’s lives with all that god has for them.

In 2 days time, I give up self-employment, give up control on all that I have been doing, and engage in a whole new way fo working, relationships, and leading.

As of next week, I become an emplyee of RolltheRock the charity!!!

This is a huge challenge, for me personally, for us as a family, for those stepping up into trustee rolls, and those on the vision team helping to shape the vision for the way ahead.

It is an enormous step, a huge risk, but so was stepping ot of t...

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The challenge of impacting communities

Recently I have done some teaching, Looking at how Jesus lived, and the similarities of how Paul lived also.

What is very striking in both the lives of Jesus and Paul, is the impact the covental relationship with the father in Heaven meant to them. Jesus heard his father say, “this is my son of whom I am well pleased”Luke.3.21-23; Jesus heard those words, received thsoe words and lived out of his embracing of those words.

Paul or Saul as he was, in Acts.9.1-6 meets Jesus on the roa, and is impacted by that encounter, impacted with forgiveness, love, the reality of what it is to know Jesus personally.

The reality in both these lives, is that they received what the father had for them, and lived it out, other’s around them were impacted because of their embrace of the covenental relationshi...

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Managing Situations

Recently I had the pleasure of going to watch milton Jones in concert here in Harrogate, very funny, very clever, and very spontaneous to what was going on around him.

One particular moment in the show toward the end, where he was building to a climax, there was a lady in the audience wh’s laugh was very distinctive, very loud, and somewhat uncontrolable. milton Jones coul dhave been thrown, distracted, or reactionary in the sitatuion, and lose where he was going in the show, but what he did was both clever, and added to the situation, he controlled the situation.

He didn’t react, he didn’t respond, he stayed calm, he allowed space, he waited, he allowed things to happen as they were, and gently allowed it to continue and engaged wih it.

it was an amazing situation where one man, on a stag...

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There is much about this film that I don’t recognise from the accounts given in Genesis, but still it does highlight some key points:

1: Processing what he hears from God: noah wrestles with visions and what he feels god is saying to him. The main point of this whether it happened that way or not, is simply that Noah became aware of god saying something to him, and he pursued God, pursued what was being said to him, and esnured to the best of his ability he followed.

2: noah followed: again whether it happend quite the way the film suggests in some ways doesn’t actually matter, but what does matter, is the fact that despite provocation, distraction, and even internal questioning, noah still followed and went with what god was telling him...

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Future February

So at the time of writing this update, we are two thirds the way thrhough February, and half way to our goal to help us move forward from March.

Our goal for February was to raise 1500 pounds to help us in the following ways:
1: Transition: ensuring we establish ourselves fully and properly as a charity as we move forward;
2: costts: to cover costs that the charity now faces as we move forward;
3: Pay: to be able to pay Andy as he moves into employment rather than self employment;
4: To give us a relatively strong foundation for moving forward;

We currently know that at the end of the month we will have half of what we need to launch well, which is an amazing act of generosity on behalf of supporters and friends, but as we move into the last 10 days of February we are praying for, and aski...

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Sex Relationships Education

Yet again, the subject of Sex and Relationship education is hitting our news times. Corronation Street even tackle this issue as a 12 year old girl realises her pregnancy, but yet all the talk remains around factual issues, and seems to remove, or forget one vitally important component…the human being, and the worth and value of relationships.

Much of what Coronation Street engages with even revolves around the girl herself working out the fact of whether it is possible for her to actually be pregnant!! Drawing us back to the situation that has always been the situation in sex education, the facts, don’t do this, use this for pretoection, this is how, and other such issues, without actually going to the depth and the reality of what it actually means to involve yourself in a meaingful rela...

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What are you hearing?

Recently i have had problems with my hearing, struggling to hear what is going on around me. As someone who is blind, my hearing is obviously important to me.

But it isn’t just my hearing that is affected! it has an impact upon my spacial awareness as well as my awareness of what is going on around me. It has the sense of the world closing in around me, and my knowledge of a wider understanding is very restricted.

As I have reflected upon this current situation I find myself, I have been drawn to the question, of what is there in our lives that clouds our understanding of what is going on around us? We can often feel pressure, be drawn to other things, have too many voices going on around us, and it can often feel that the world is all around us, and we struggle to gain any perspective on ...

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Loving Harrogate

We have had to change the date of this meeting, due to some work being done on the venue we had planned to use.

We will now be meeting on the evening, of the 25 FEb, at 7.30 pm, at the Wesley centre in the centre of Harrogate.

We were meant o be meeting on the 11 Feb, but this is now not happening.

This will be a great opportunity to come and help shape a day in July, where we can gather young people, children and families together, to less and love the area.

We would love as many of you to be there as possible so please do come to the lwoer meeting room, at the Wesley centre 25 FEb, 7.30 pm.

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American sniper

A contrevertial film, which in many ways has been misrepresented in my humble opinion for what it si worth. It is a powerful film, which challenges many preconceived ideas, and demonstrates powerfully how people get drawn into situations.

As a lad Chris is brought up to defend people around him, particularly thsoe he cares about, be a “sheep-dog, not a sheep or a wolf”.

As he grows up he sees the pictures of 9/11 and is bothered about what is happening to America, his country. He joins the army, and ends up being sent to Iraq.

Much has been eliberated about hwo much truth there is or isn’t in the film, but i don’t wish to engage in that, as I don’t know the person chris personally, obviously.

What is clear is the struggles that no-one really understands when you engage in difficult situati...

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