Vision and Values

Our vision is to see young people flourish, released into their full potential, living life with wholeness, and changing the culture around them in a positive way.
We support those who lead young people, with resources, training, mentoring and coaching, and by facilitating networks that enable peer-to-peer encouragement and sharing. We also work directly with young people through work in schools, youth groups and many varied events and activities.


As a rock rolls, it leaves a recognisable trail behind it. The area has been transformed by the rock.

RolltheRock exists to enable the transforming work of the Holy Spirit to impact the lives of young people, to see young people flourish in the life and purpose that God has for them.


As a rock rolls, it disturbs, frees, and releases other stones and rocks in its path.

RolltheRock exists to free and release leaders to transform their spheres of influence.


As a rock rolls, not only is it moving, but it is shaping what lies before it.

RolltheRock exists as a movement lead by the Holy Spirit, shaping the culture that lies before us.


As a rock rolls, it gathers other rocks to travel with it, and together they shape the land that lies before them.

RolltheRock exists to gather and enable a network of leaders to transform the culture and area around them.