Are you at the centre?

How many times have you ever used the phrase, “I don’t want to do that?” Maybe you don’t, but what it does is put us at the centre – our desires, our intentions, and the question is, should we really put ourselves at the centre?

One thing that our nation has seen over these last few weeks is people coming together for the sake of others, putting others first: not themselves, their own wishes, desires, or even their own ambitions, whether that be taxi drivers giving free lifts, doctors and nurses going into work when they weren’t even on the rota, people running into situations, without a thought of themselves but simply for others; all of these things show something of not putting ourselves but others first.

The moment we remove ourselves and place Christ at the centre as well as putting others first, communities transform, lives change, hope is brought, and love exists.

I wonder what it will look like in a couple of months time, in a years time, whether people are still putting others first, putting others before themselves, or whether we will have gone back to thinking of ourselves first?

What does it mean for each of us to remove ourselves from the centre and place Christ there instead?
What are the temptations that lie before us, to put ourselves at the centre?
What will enable us to keep up an attitude, or approach, of keeping ourselves out of the centre, and keeping Christ there?