Being at Peace 

For quite a while i have been thinking through what it means to have a life that i would want others to immatate.
I have also been processing who it is i look too, the lifestyle they live, how they are as a person, and how they engage with others.
Obviously One person I look too, is Jesus, how he engaged with ohters, how he withdrew himself from others at times, how he ensured he spent time with his father in Heaven, and how he spent time with others. 
But I have also had the privilege to be lead by some great leaders, who i am wanting to continuously learn from. how is it that they seem to be at peace with themselves, what they are doing, who they are, and who they are in God. 
We live very much in a culture of having to prove yourself, having to be involved, having to react, and so on. But this is not the lifestyle I see in Jesus nor is it the lifestyle i have observed in those leaders i look too.
Having had a couple of oporations on my back now over these couple of months, i have learnt a life of living with some extreme restriction, and actually so has my family as they have had to do so much for me, but when living with restriction, there is always a choice of getting frustrated, angry, reacting, or learning to live at peace and as ease with the life you have. 
God has taken me on quite a journey of living at peace with who i am, and imporantly who i am in him, knowing my worth and value of being chosen and called by him, and loved by him, and not by what i do or how i react, or my imprtance involved in various things. 
I am still on that journey, still learning what it truly means to be at peace, but i am certainly much more at peace now than i have been for quite some time, and i do not want to lose that peacefulness.
My hope is that as a leader, that my new developing peaceful life impacts those around me, so that more would understand their value simply in being at peace with themselves and who they truly are in God’s eyes.