Bravery of Legacy

Recently, I’ve been doing some exploring around the whole issue of legacy, the barriers to legacy and also what enables it. But it got me thinking, how much do we actually consider the legacy we leave to others?

What is it that we would want to be remembered for?

What is it that we are imparting to others that they can run with?

None of us I guess likes the thought of removing ourselves from a situation or context, especially one where we are seeing God at work in people’s lives and seeing lives being transformed. But the reality is that we are not around forever, and it is important – vital – to develop a legacy so that others can take on the baton of the race and go further.

Jesus left an amazing legacy, hence why so much of the world now engages in relationship with him in Heaven. He journeyed with a small number of people, spent time with them, shared his vision and enabled people to have a go at what they saw him do. How much of this do we actually do ourselves?

I am so thankful for the input of others in my life and the leadership I have received. Now I hope to have learnt from them and release others to go further than I can go.

Where are you on the legacy scale?