Breath of life

breathing is one of those things that for most of us it simply just happens! We just do it! We don’t even have to think about it to make it happen! It is a natural happening in most of our lives! But what happens when that natural happening isn’t natural any more? What happens when that natural happening si something that we really do have to think about?

Recently I faced this struggle, not being able to breathe! Not feeling I was getting any air into my lungs or into my body!

The reaction to this brought out panic, worry, fear in me, as what I knew tokeep me alive was now something I had to work at!!

Jesus tells us he is the breath of life! The very thing that keeps us going through life! So what does it feel like when that thing, the breath of life is not with us, or we don’t feel itt in our lives?

Life becomes a struggle, a fight, something that we have to work at, something that just doesn’t simply happen!

All around us we see this happening, struggle, fighting for existence, worry, and much more.

nott bein able to breathe for those minutes on that Thursday night brought it home to me about the importance, the necessity of breathing, even though i don’t have to think about it most of the time, and actually how i take it for granted. i won’t be doing that any more!!

But nore shoudl I take for granted the breath of life that is Jesus who is with me, cares about me, supports me, has the best for me, and wants me to enjoy life in all it’s fullness Jn.10.10; To do that I need to accknowledge him more and more in my life, and realise him more and more in my life, and stop taking him for granted also.