” would never”

Over the weekend there were a number of marches in America about the gun laws, particularly in response to the recent shooting in Florida. Listening to one of the young people speaking, the phrase she used about all 14 who were killed on that day, was ” Would never”!!! there were a number of things that she listed that the 14 who had been killed would never do again, and it was so powerful.

The reality of “would never”, for each of the people killed is a tough reminder about life, the life we are given, the life we have to live, the life that lies before us. But there was also something powerful about how those people were remembered!

What is it that people would remember us for? What is it that they would say we “would never” again? What is it about how we act, how we speak, how we engage, how we support or criticise?

The things that were listed for many of the young people who had been killed were fun, even dee friendship things, and yes even some funny silly, superficial things, but they all mattered. The person we are matters, the person we are around others, as well as the person in the quiet matters. So how are we around others? How are we likely to be remembered?

This young girl, Emma i believe her name was, aged 17 I believe, i might be wrong, so powerful, so strong. yes in the context of the gun crimes in the States, but also in the memory, the memory of friends, of those who had been killed, the powerful memory of life, the difference that those people around her had made, those people who will not be around her any more.

Jesus may not be present with us, as he was with the Disciples, but his memory lives on! how he was around people, how he was when he spoke and acted. these testimonies live on. the stories that have been told about him, all powerful, in how he has been remembered, and influential in lives since.

people will remember you for all sorts of things. On a number of occasions recently, I have been approached by young people who have seen me in school, heard what I have had to say, and come up and thanked me, they have told me they remember what I said, and the difference it made to them, and their lives. This is an honour, a privilege, and it reminds me of the power of Gods spirit working through us when we are open to him.

to make that lasting difference, that people will remember, in a positive, Godly manner, we need to be open to the spirit, his guidance, and be aware of the doors that god our father opens for us.

I don’t know about you, but when I pass away, if people ever use that phrase, “would never”, about me, I hope it is a positive, encouraging memory, that i have made a difference, positive difference in peoples lives.

Resource Funding

We have ideas to create a number of resources that will enable youth leaders to engage better with their young people around issues of identity and discipleship. We are also keen to develop resources to help leaders themselves, as they grow in their roles.

We are now looking for individuals to invest in the creation of these resources.

We need 20 people to invest £50 each into RolltheRock as a one-off gift, to enable us to explore these initiatives further.

Could you be one of those people?

If you would like to invest in the development of creative resources that enable young people and youth leaders to grow, please email info@rolltherock.org.uk and let us know that you want to be one of our resource resourcers!

Our hope is to launch these resources in the Spring, so please do consider this and let us know as soon as you can if you are able to support us in this way.

Bless you and, in advance, thanks.

Week at QE school

So, this last week Andy spent the week in Queen Ethelburga’s School, talking about living with blindness, identity, bullying and his work with young people.

It was a great week, where a large number of the students wanted to have lunch with Andy, along with the principal at the school, and it has also led to further discussions around other possible work that Andy could do in the school later in the academic year.

Andy got to speak to well over 500 students during the week and took questions, some of which he had never been asked before. The feedback from the week has been encouraging – that both staff and students have got a lot from Andy’s visit and what he spoke about.

We look forward to great oportunities to build upon this relationship with the school.



Travelling Encounters

So, today whilst waiting for a train, I was approached by a young man who asked if I was Andy. When I responded yes, he then informed me that he recognised me from a time I went into the school he attended. He told me my input through assemblies and services and time in the school had helped him gain an idea of what he wanted to be and do; he said how he had felt inspired and encouraged to follow his dreams, and was now at second year university. I thanked him for coming and talking to me, but this was not the end of the encounters.

Later, another young man came up to me and commented how moved he was seeing the other guy come up and talk to me about the difference I had made in his life. This second guy asked what I did for a living, and so I told him. It turned out he worked for Time For God as a field worker. We then shared some stories on the train and prayed for each other.

We never really do know the difference we make in people’s lives when they see something of us, and it is always worth remembering that people are watching, observing how we live, how we deal with things, whether we live up to what we say. We can always make a difference in people’s lives.