challenge of leadership 

Spoiler alert!!! For anyone who has not watched the latest Hunger Games film, and is intending too, you may want to read this blog post at a later time!!!

We often of think of a leader, as the. person with power, with the control, with everything at their finger tips, but the recent hunger games film challenges this.
Yes they have a figure head, an inspirational person, and yes their is victory, with a bit of a surprise involved as well, but interesting, the figure head, the inspirational person, the person who leads them to victory does not become the nations leader, and returns to their life in the area. they grew up in, and returns to a normal lifestyle.
This film seems to indicate tthat it is important for us all to recognise our place, our time, and then release, permit, allow those others to step up and lead, and for us to step back and enable.
Ou head, and inspirational person in this film does exactly that, inspires, encourages, enables people to see what is possible, and then stteps back, has no roll, no position, and returns to the lifestyle they had before situations changed.
I wonder whether we can also addopt a similar thought of leadership, rather than thinking everything has to revolve around us, and for us to be involved, can we be the inspirers, encourragers, the visionaries to release others to a greater existence, so we cn step back and release them to all that is necessary.
It is important to recognise the varying types and neeadership and for us to underrstand our place in those rolls.
What is god asking of you in your place and postion rightow?