Directional map

Recently I have been re-watching “the force awakens”, part of the StarWars series of films.

Within the film, both the First Order and the resistance are looking for part of a map to find someone, but obviously with very different reasons and intentions.

The wisemen would have undoubtedly liked a map to know where they were heading as they traveled toward bethlehem, but all that they had was a Star to follow.

they followed the star with good intentions, but others who wanted to know where Jesus was born wanted to visit him, follow a map for very different intentions and reasons.

If we were to follow the Star, what would be the reason for us following the star? why is it that we come to Jesus?

Interestingly, Jesus had a plan, and he came to us, not for his own reasons but for ours, I wonder if our reasons for wanting to come to Jesus would be as selfless as Jesus intentions for coming to us?