Learning Community 

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We are really excited to launch our first youth leaders learning community in April 2016.
This is an 18 month process, exploring 4 key elements: Discipleship, Leadership, Mission and Legacy.

Learning communities can be a great way for youth leaders to explore key elements in their work with young people. It is a time to withdraw with your team and engage in different ways, to explore what is truly happening in your work, hear what God is saying to you, and make plans and goals for the future. It is also a time to learn and input into others – sharing thoughts and practices is really key.

This is not a conference, it is a facilitated time that also gives space for you to work things out in your own context. Guidance and support will be available throughout the 18 month period. This is an opportunity to engage in the questions of what is?, what could be?, and what will be?

What is the time commitment? There will be four gatherings over the 18 month period, beginning on Friday evening, 22nd April (7pm-9.30pm) and then through the day on Saturday 23rd April (9.30am-4pm). We will publish the dates of the other weekends as soon as possible and will try to ensure that those dates work for everyone booked on.

Is there a cost? Yes there is one! However, as this is our first learning community, we are really keeping the cost down to enable teams to engage in the process. For the whole 18 month process, including leaders’ support times, we are charging £600.

How do I book? Each attendee should register here: https://rtrlearningcommunity.eventbrite.co.uk. However, we ask that each team also nominates one person to be their main contact. That person should include their phone number when they register. For any other information, please contact Andy on andy@rolltherock.org.uk