My knowledge of history, and the reformation is so limited that i am not even going to attempt it here, but what is possibly worth exploring is some of what could be principles behind reformation?

unsettlement: Reformation generally comes when there is some form of unsettlement with the current status quo. But true reformation is not just the human unsettlement, it should and does come from God, when he shakes what currently is, and wants to reform the current into something of what he wants it to be.

there is a recognition across the country at the moment, that Reformation is needed amongst Discipling young people and young adults. There is a stirring, and unsettlement with what is currently being offered or provided, or lived out, and the growth of young disciples needs a reformation. it cannot be, that God would settle for those young people now who have made that choice, or starting to live out that Discipleship lifestyle? God would surely want as many young people as it was possible to hear, to have the opportunity, and have the ways in which discipleship actually meant something to them in their context.

Discipleship: From that place of unsettlement, has to come the recognition of the need of reforming discipleship. We have gone so far in our attempts to work with young people, and engage with their issues, but somewhere along the line, Jesus has been either removed, forgotten, or left to a later stage, which in many cases just doesn’t happen. Professionalising youth leaders has enabled them to certainly be good youth workers, working with young people, but the professionalising of youth leaders has made them that, professionals, rather than disciples who make disciples. there cannot be a discounting of what it means to engage with young people, and those practices, but we have gone so far, that the forming of disciples who make disciples is remote at best.

Discipleship is something that today, is attempted to fit into our practices, rather than being the foundation of our existence and practice. We need to be prepared to take the risks, step out, try new things, go to where young people are at, and stop thinking that they are going to come to us to be discipled.

Jesus as Lord: Following from our thoughts that we have adopted so many practices that discipleship is now a sideline, we need to get back to the foundation that Jesus is Lord, and is our only Lord, there is no room for anyone, or anything else to be Lord in our lives. We need to move from having our youth work practices as our foundation, to having Jesus as our foundation, and working out of that strong foundational place. There will of course be many elements that are brought into discipleship, and knowing Jesus, but this needs to be our starting place now, rather than our working practices, or other youth work activities coming first.

These are not finished thoughts, they are a starting point, but sometimes things need to be put out in the open so that the reformation can begin, and all that God has for young people, and wants to be for young people, can start to come into place.

Reformation needs to start from that place, of recognising that the current status quo is not going to do what it proclaims it is going to do, and for people to step out bravely, passionately, and in the guidance of God to see the reformation take place.