Remembering the dream 

Often when doing something for a while, it is possible to unintentionally forget what some people have siad, or spoken into your life. 
A number of years ago i had a picture shared with me, about stadning under a tree, with a shepherd’s crook, gathering sheepdog’s to guide lots of sheep all around the field that I was in. 
This last week, I have been reminded of this picture, when someone was speaking abut dreams, and dreams that God has spoken into, or over us, and this particular picture I had forgotten, but it was broumind very vividly.  
Finishing the Leaders conference last week, was a time when I felt re-invisioned, re-inspired, and even re-called into what God had called me, but more Rolltherock to be about. 
Rolltherock is no longer just me, Andy, and for that I am so thankful, and Ness is such a blessing to all that we are about.  Our prayer as we move forward is that we start to see many sheep in the field, but also many shepherds, and that we can release, support, guide, thsoe shepherds in all that god has for them.