Drawing on our own experience, training and research, these downloads include session plans for work with young people, as well as material to help teams reflect together and individually, and to develop good practice. Some of these resources are also available as hard copies – contact the office if you would prefer to purchase a printed version.

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Discipleship for Young People: A Journey Through The Alphabet

Written as a joint venture between our own Andy Wilson and Emma Smith, a local-church Children and Youth Worker.  The material will help you create sessions with:

  • Space to chat and get to know each other
  • Short inputs, which you can tailor for your context
  • Discussion and activities
  • Space for the young people to reflect with God
  • A challenge, worked out between the young people and youth leader, to live out their discipleship over the following week.

You can buy it here as a download, or contact us to buy a paper version for a slightly higher price.

P's & C's of Youth Work

In this short booklet, we contrast three key elements that have shaped youth work in the past and three that are particularly relevant for today. The stories used are all true, albeit with names changed. Each chapter ends with questions to help you explore how these may have had an influence on where you have been and where you are heading.

Our hope is that you will use this booklet to help you and your team reflect on the work you do with young people. It is not an information booklet; it is meant to be used to provoke thought, nurture vision and challenge practice. It asks what we might need to change to enable a generation to grow into all that God wants for them. We hope you will find it useful as you lead young people towards growth, both in terms of numbers and in depth of relationship with God.