Removing the obstacles 

Easter is always an interesting time for us at RolltheRock as it is where we get our name from!! The rock was rolled away, Jesus came out of the tomb, back to life, revealed himself again to people.
Jesus arguably may not have come out of the tomb without the rock being removed, the obstacle to his revelation being removed!!
In writing this, I wonder how many obstacles/rocks we create, putting them in the way of our relationship with Jesus, or even being able to see him, or allow him to reveal himself to us?
Jesus is never the one to create or place the obstacles, it is only us who do that. But there is a challenge to what those obstacles are, and why do we put them there, after all, all that Jesus wants to do is reveal himself to us, have that life-giving relaitonship with us, and enable us to have all that he has to give us.
RolltheRock is all about removing obstacles, bringing freedom, releasing people into all that god has for them, we are not about placing obstacles, putting rocks in the way. If Jesus didn’t put obstacles in the way then we shouldn’t either!!
So the rock was rolled away, an active movement on behalf of God to enable his son to rise from the dead, and reveal himself to people again.  What active movements do we have to make to encounter the living God, to build that relationship. Not only has god removed the physical rock to enable his son to rise from the dead, but in doing this God has removed all the obstacles from his side to that loving relationship with us, so we shouldn’t put any in to replace the one’s that god has removed.
This Easter time, as well as thanking god for removing the rock, to enable his son to rise form the dead, let’s also ensure were people who move any obstacles we create, so we can encounter the living god.

Remembering the dream 

Often when doing something for a while, it is possible to unintentionally forget what some people have siad, or spoken into your life. 
A number of years ago i had a picture shared with me, about stadning under a tree, with a shepherd’s crook, gathering sheepdog’s to guide lots of sheep all around the field that I was in. 
This last week, I have been reminded of this picture, when someone was speaking abut dreams, and dreams that God has spoken into, or over us, and this particular picture I had forgotten, but it was broumind very vividly.  
Finishing the Leaders conference last week, was a time when I felt re-invisioned, re-inspired, and even re-called into what God had called me, but more Rolltherock to be about. 
Rolltherock is no longer just me, Andy, and for that I am so thankful, and Ness is such a blessing to all that we are about.  Our prayer as we move forward is that we start to see many sheep in the field, but also many shepherds, and that we can release, support, guide, thsoe shepherds in all that god has for them.

Culture creators 

Recently at a training event, a leader asked  what was meant by creating a culture?  They were asking in relation to their work context!! 
Culture is so important, because it creates the environment for all that is going to take place.  So what is the culture we are enabling to exist, because out of the culutre that is created, will flow the happenings!! 
Many things impact and create the culture, personality, place, attitude, people, vision, and so much more, but it is important for us to realise that as God’s people, how we are, who we are, and where we are all impact the people around us.
So does your personality and vision match up with the culture you are wanting to create around you?
Do our actions and attitudes and approaches match up with the wods we proclaim and the culture we are wanting to see hapen in our lives, and in the lives of people around us?
The values of RolltheRock, underpin the culture that we are seeking to develop, so you can go to our vision and values page to see those, but all that we are and all that we do is underpinned by these values, and our relationship with God who we proclaim to be Lord of our lives, and the lives of people around us. 
So spend some time with god, seeking him for the culture you are wanting to encourage around you, see where change col be required, and enjoy the journey of being a culture creator, and even a culture chang

Growing the rolltherock team 

I’m Vanessa Brown. Most people call me Ness – I’m happy with either.

I’m 37, married to Dan and have a 10 year old son called Kenny. I live in Knaresborough but spent 16ish years in Leeds and grew up in Birmingham. My mother is from the Philippines, so I’m a sort of Brummie/Filipina/Yorkshire combo.

I still work in Leeds 3 days a week, for an ecumenical community project called InterACT. We facilitate activities that bring together people from all walks of life – people of different ages, socio-economic backgrounds, church and non church, for example. My work/volunteering background also includes work with children who have learning disabilities, youth work, and work in the deaf community in Leeds, while I was learning British Sign Language. I did also run a theatre and events company with my husband and two friends for a number of years after leaving university.

I’m looking forward to joining the Roll the Rock team. I care deeply for the Church, how we disciple young people and develop faith at all stages of our spiritual journeys. Perhaps the thing that drives me most is how we do that together, focusing on what/Who holds us united.