Do we ever bother to spend time observing?

Observation is one of those things so many of us think we do, think we understand and maybe even think we do quite well, but do we actually spend time observing?

And when we do spend the time, are we aware of the perspective from which we do the observing?

Observation takes time – time to notice, time to understand, time to engage, time to listen, time to reflect, time to think – so clearly, with this amount of observation, it cannot be rushed!!

When we read about the activities of Jesus and the disciples, often we read but disregard the parts where it talks about them going to an area. We don’t know how much time they spent in each place, learning, engaging, listening and so on. But, it must be clear that time was spent, if for no other reason, than to show understanding.

Not only is it important to spend the time, but it is vital that the right perspective is had when we do observe. What do I mean by right perspective? Simply, it is not having our own perspective, but having God’s perspective on situations and contexts in which we find ourselves.

Seeing things through the lens of our relationship with Jesus is vital, so we gain a truer perspective on what is really going on.

Why is this important? Because often, we as humans can be caught in the trap of seeing the obvious and the superficial, without actually seeing what is truly going on.

The Shack challenges our thinking on this hugely. Mac, the key character, is challenged not to judge what he can see, but to push past the superficial to the truth.

So key questions to ask ourselves:
Do we spend enough time observing?
What would enable us to see things better from God’s perspective?
What are the barriers to seeing things from God’s perspective?
What of us is God asking to give up, so we can observe more like him?

Directional map

Recently I have been re-watching “the force awakens”, part of the StarWars series of films.

Within the film, both the First Order and the resistance are looking for part of a map to find someone, but obviously with very different reasons and intentions.

The wisemen would have undoubtedly liked a map to know where they were heading as they traveled toward bethlehem, but all that they had was a Star to follow.

they followed the star with good intentions, but others who wanted to know where Jesus was born wanted to visit him, follow a map for very different intentions and reasons.

If we were to follow the Star, what would be the reason for us following the star? why is it that we come to Jesus?

Interestingly, Jesus had a plan, and he came to us, not for his own reasons but for ours, I wonder if our reasons for wanting to come to Jesus would be as selfless as Jesus intentions for coming to us?

The force awakens 

So without doubt This latest saga of the Star Wars movies was the most highly anticipated film of 2015. As someone who loved Star Wars growing up, i wasabi very interested to see where they could take the story, and whether it wou to all the excitement that had been generated around it. 
it was great, and did not disapoint, at all. 
The one thing that stood out for me during this film was the battle for the search for the missing parts of a map, a map, that for some could bring hope, for others would bring destruction and power for themselves. 
2 questions arose for me out thsi battle for the map: 

1: do we search for the map directions in our lives, the directions that god has to guide us through life to the hope that he has for us. 

2: What do we do with more information, is it for hope for ourselves and others, or is it for our own power and the destruction of others. 
maps are an interesting thought, as we often need one, and why, to reach our destination, to reach that place where we were meant to be going, both in the physcial sense, but also in the spiritual sense also. 
So always that question, of whether we are prepared to put in the time, effort, understanding to find the map, follow the directions, but alsodeepeestion, of why, why do we want that info. 
Thly in the film, the parts fo the map were found for hope, my pryaer for all who read this post, is that you also search out the right maps, the right directions, for hope aand not for powesytruction. 

challenge of leadership 

Spoiler alert!!! For anyone who has not watched the latest Hunger Games film, and is intending too, you may want to read this blog post at a later time!!!

We often of think of a leader, as the. person with power, with the control, with everything at their finger tips, but the recent hunger games film challenges this.
Yes they have a figure head, an inspirational person, and yes their is victory, with a bit of a surprise involved as well, but interesting, the figure head, the inspirational person, the person who leads them to victory does not become the nations leader, and returns to their life in the area. they grew up in, and returns to a normal lifestyle.
This film seems to indicate tthat it is important for us all to recognise our place, our time, and then release, permit, allow those others to step up and lead, and for us to step back and enable.
Ou head, and inspirational person in this film does exactly that, inspires, encourages, enables people to see what is possible, and then stteps back, has no roll, no position, and returns to the lifestyle they had before situations changed.
I wonder whether we can also addopt a similar thought of leadership, rather than thinking everything has to revolve around us, and for us to be involved, can we be the inspirers, encourragers, the visionaries to release others to a greater existence, so we cn step back and release them to all that is necessary.
It is important to recognise the varying types and neeadership and for us to underrstand our place in those rolls.
What is god asking of you in your place and postion rightow?