Investment has a deffinition in our society which is opposed to the deffinition that exists within the kingdom of god. within our culture we invest to get something out of it, we seek to forward ourselves,we invest for our own gain, but the Kingdom fo god is totally different.
in the Kingdom we invest to see the Kingdom grow, we invest into others, not for our own benefit, but for the advancement of the Kingdom fo god. Inbestment of time, means the growttionship, the growth of showing that we and God are concerned, bothered about that pend that we care. 

Financial investment into mssion, and discipleship, and into people, shows the advncement of the Kingdom fo god.
Investment is often costly, there is often a challenge, but yet we are still called to invest, invest in what god , invest in the advancement of the God, and investt in people.
Investment is oftten sacreficial, meaning that we have to sacrefice other things to invest in the places where God wants us to invest. 
Through costly sacreficial investment, we firstly see the Kingdom grow, and move forward in people’s lives, but we alsosee god honouring the investment that we make, and blessing us in a ways that maybe we hadn’t even expected or thought.
whetthat God is calling us to invest at this time?

What is ti that we are called to sacrefice at this time for ensure proper investment?

What are the barriers to us embracing costly sacreficial investment in our lives?

Future February

So at the time of writing this update, we are two thirds the way thrhough February, and half way to our goal to help us move forward from March.

Our goal for February was to raise 1500 pounds to help us in the following ways:
1: Transition: ensuring we establish ourselves fully and properly as a charity as we move forward;
2: costts: to cover costs that the charity now faces as we move forward;
3: Pay: to be able to pay Andy as he moves into employment rather than self employment;
4: To give us a relatively strong foundation for moving forward;

We currently know that at the end of the month we will have half of what we need to launch well, which is an amazing act of generosity on behalf of supporters and friends, but as we move into the last 10 days of February we are praying for, and asking you, our supporters, our friends, to stand with us, and help us launch well.

We are also really excited as we move forward that there are new supporters coming on bord with us, and for that we give thanks to God, as this will help us as we move forward, so could you stand with us during this establishing time?

There are various ways you can stand with us:

1; write a cheque payable to Rolltherock and post it to our offices, which you can find the address on our website:
2: donate online: you can click the donate button on our website, and donate there which will go into our bank account;
3: You could become a supporter: we are currently praying for a further 26 new supporters standing with us, and supporting us to 20 pounds per month or more if they can do that, and starting that this month, if you would like to become a supporter of Rolltherock and our work among young people, then please contact us by emailing

We are believing for this further 750 pounds to enable our work to transition smoothly, for andy to be payed, for our costs to be met, and for the work not to falter in any way. if you have questions, or wish to support us, please do be in touch:


Just before Christmas i was asked during a leadership gathering, what my reflection was for 2014, how would I some up 2014? My answer was in using the word re-psitioning!!! It has certainly felt that 2014 God re-positioned me in different ways for what ws coming next.

It has felt my family has been re-positioned, work at Kairos has been re-positioned and certainly Rolltherock has been re-positioned.

So what is the word for 2015?

As things have been re-positioned, it now feels that this is a year to build!! Things ae in place,to build for the future!! 2015 has to be a year of building upon the re-positioning of 2014.

RolltheRock is now a full charity! We have our new bank account! We will be asking those who currently support us to transfer their giving in March, but for those who wish to help us build, you can start giving to help us build as of this month!
We are wanting to build our team!
We are looking to build upon our spheres of influence!
We are looking to build upon strong existing relationships!
We are looking to build upon strong partnerships!
We are looking to build upon new and established initiatives!
We are looking to build the network stronger and wider!

All of these kingdom building movements can be built because of how God has re-positioned us over this last year.

So could you be a builder? Could you help place the bricks in place to help the building to take place?

We will be holidng key evenings of prayer over this term, plus looking for those RTR builders, so do be in touch, stand with us, join with us, support us financially and prayerfully, to see this building take place upon the re-positioning foundations of last year.


We are excited to anounce a voluntary post with us here at Rolltherock.

As we grow, and enable further growth we recognise the ened to ensure foundations are strong.

we have an exciting post to be part of the team, as an administrator position, working alongside Andy wilson and members of the trustees ensruing that proper administration takes place for Rolltherock.

Initially this will mean helping to apply for money from trusts, which have already been identified, so it will be filling out the forms apropriately, working closely with the Director and the trustees.

work times are flexible, and working from home is also a possibility.

If you are interested in this post helping build stronger foundations for our future, or know someone who would be interested in supporting our work in thsi way, please do be in touch with Andy wilson on:
or at:

Recognition for the work undertaken can eb discussed at time of showing interest in the post.



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