MAD 2016 

So we had a great time last week with others reviewing 2015 and looking ahead for MAD in 2016.
We are being ambitious in setting extra dates for this year, but we are recognising that the young people are loving being together, and loving being on mission together. 
We We are exploring how to move this around, and engate in ddifferent areas around the region.
So if you are a youth leader, or know of Secondary school young people who would love to get together, and enjoy Making A Difference locally, please make a note of these dates, and more info will be coming soon:
30 April;

16 July;

24 September;

26 November;

Learning Community 

Learning Community Flierb copy

We are really excited to launch our first youth leaders learning community in April 2016.
This is an 18 month process, exploring 4 key elements: Discipleship, Leadership, Mission and Legacy.

Learning communities can be a great way for youth leaders to explore key elements in their work with young people. It is a time to withdraw with your team and engage in different ways, to explore what is truly happening in your work, hear what God is saying to you, and make plans and goals for the future. It is also a time to learn and input into others – sharing thoughts and practices is really key.

This is not a conference, it is a facilitated time that also gives space for you to work things out in your own context. Guidance and support will be available throughout the 18 month period. This is an opportunity to engage in the questions of what is?, what could be?, and what will be?

What is the time commitment? There will be four gatherings over the 18 month period, beginning on Friday evening, 22nd April (7pm-9.30pm) and then through the day on Saturday 23rd April (9.30am-4pm). We will publish the dates of the other weekends as soon as possible and will try to ensure that those dates work for everyone booked on.

Is there a cost? Yes there is one! However, as this is our first learning community, we are really keeping the cost down to enable teams to engage in the process. For the whole 18 month process, including leaders’ support times, we are charging £600.

How do I book? Each attendee should register here: However, we ask that each team also nominates one person to be their main contact. That person should include their phone number when they register. For any other information, please contact Andy on

new happenings 

So there are some adjustments for us, and some new things starting. 
Very shortly you should be able to spot some new changes to both our emailing to you, and also to our website. 
The website willhopefully become clearer, and less cluttered, but we will also have our video at the top alongg with our brand new logo. Our emailings will also have our great new logo on is as well.
you will also be able to see who all is involved in various ways in making Rolltherock move forward, and we hope that over this coming year there will be more to say on this. 
New Happenings:
So again we have tried to clarify soem of what we do and make it clearer for people. 
networks: We  have helped to iniatate a couple of new networrks locally. We have a new youth leaders network, plus a new network for thsoe engaging in schools, and we will be looking to gather these people at various points thorughout the year. If you want any further information about these networks then do go to our contact page. 
We are also involved in a couple of Learning communities in various places and will have one locally soon, and we are helping to support leaders in various contexts in all that God has for them. 
new pages on these and more are being added to the website increasingly, so do keep an eye on this site and spot the new areas of work being explored. 

Being at Peace 

For quite a while i have been thinking through what it means to have a life that i would want others to immatate.
I have also been processing who it is i look too, the lifestyle they live, how they are as a person, and how they engage with others.
Obviously One person I look too, is Jesus, how he engaged with ohters, how he withdrew himself from others at times, how he ensured he spent time with his father in Heaven, and how he spent time with others. 
But I have also had the privilege to be lead by some great leaders, who i am wanting to continuously learn from. how is it that they seem to be at peace with themselves, what they are doing, who they are, and who they are in God. 
We live very much in a culture of having to prove yourself, having to be involved, having to react, and so on. But this is not the lifestyle I see in Jesus nor is it the lifestyle i have observed in those leaders i look too.
Having had a couple of oporations on my back now over these couple of months, i have learnt a life of living with some extreme restriction, and actually so has my family as they have had to do so much for me, but when living with restriction, there is always a choice of getting frustrated, angry, reacting, or learning to live at peace and as ease with the life you have. 
God has taken me on quite a journey of living at peace with who i am, and imporantly who i am in him, knowing my worth and value of being chosen and called by him, and loved by him, and not by what i do or how i react, or my imprtance involved in various things. 
I am still on that journey, still learning what it truly means to be at peace, but i am certainly much more at peace now than i have been for quite some time, and i do not want to lose that peacefulness.
My hope is that as a leader, that my new developing peaceful life impacts those around me, so that more would understand their value simply in being at peace with themselves and who they truly are in God’s eyes.