Mentoring leaders 

It is great to be able to announce a new project that we are involved in, which will be launching later this year.

Through a partnership between the Bible Society in Australia, YFC International and ourselves, a new app is being launched this year, where young people can go to ask questions about faith and life.

There will be a variety of ways that this will work within the app, but what is exciting for us, is that young people can ask questions in a safe environment and young leaders will respond to those questions.

So what part are we playing?
To start with, there will be 24 young leaders under the age of 30 from across the world, responding to the questions sent in. Our role is to mentor them to ensure they have the space and time to grow as leaders, but also to explore any issues that may come up through this process.

As soon as this app is officially launched, we will send out information for young people to engage with it, but it is exciting to know that all the appropriate safe-guarding will be in place and there will be space available for young people to work things out, ask those questions and have help to process them. For us, it will be great to support young leaders, help them grow and enable them to work through their own questions, as they in turn support and enable others do the same.

So, we ask for your prayers for the following, please:
1: An increase of young leaders to support and answer questions that the young people send in.

2: That young people will engage with this and ask the questions.

3: That we will be able to raise up other mentors to support the young leaders.

4: That extra support, particularly in terms of finance, comes our way to enable us to take on this project and mentor these young leaders appropriately.

RolltheRock anouncements

So at our re-launch last Friday evening, 17 October, we anounced that we have now been registered as a charity. This is indeed exciting news as we move forward as a movement seeing Discipleship change for a generation.

This has been a while coming, but it is eciting now that we are registered and established, and now can look at developing work further, across a wider region, and enabling more young people and leaders to encounter Jesus and see transformation across their contexts.

Further to this,we also anounced that in partnership with RwandaChild we will be transforming a families life in Rwanda over the next 2 years, as we seek to build a house for them. This costs 800 pounds, and there will be more said about this coming soon, but the partnership with RwandaChild is strong, and we will be looking for the right committed people to see this happen over the coming months.

Our third anouncement on the night was that I will be undertaking research over the coming couple of years, exploring how we can support youth leaders better in their posts, sustaining them better, and developing apropriate frameworks for them to function not only as youth leaders but also as whole disciples in other areas of life: family, friends, and so on.

These were great 3 key anouncements on Friday evening at our launch, and we are so excited as a movement, seeing changetake place for youth leaders and young people, and not settling for where things currently lie.