Last days in Rwanda and journey home

So on Monday, we visited a place called Kayonza. We had a tour of a school, where children who aren’t sponsored, but go to the school share a dormatory of up to 90 kids at a time.

each day, they have to wash their clothes for school the next day, plus their shoes, and ensure that everything is in pplace in their houses.

we had lunch with some members of the choir, and after lunch, the choir did a short performance for us.

As well as visiting the school, we also visited a lake, which looked amazing the team said.

the President of Rwanda had a lodge there, and we were able to enjoy a drink in some very tranquil surroundings.

On our way back to where we were staying, People wanted some last minute shopping, which we had time for, and then it was time to return, and start packing.

We also did some videoing for a promo video for Rwanda child which will hopefully be available in September.

I was able to bless the team before dinner, by giving each of them a gift for all they had doen during our time in Rwanda which they all seemed blessed to receive.

After dinner, we prayed for all that we had done, and then especially prayed for Cat before she left to go home. We were also able to give her a gift for all that she had done for us.

On our last morning in rwanda, we met with a couple of members of the ANLM team to debrief, share stories, and have communion together. Our time in rwanda seemed to have made an impact even with those we had not met, as many good stories had got back to the ANLM team about our visit which was a point of encouragement to us all.

Leaving was sad, but it was important to reconise that we all had things to do on our return to the UK, so it was important to finish properly, and then to properly remove ourselves from Rwanda.

The journey home was less eventful than our journey there, and we all returned, tired, but pleased to see people at Manchester Airport.

After goodbyes to some of the team there, the rest of us returned to Harrogate where parents collected the last team members and family life started again.

Final reflection

Lives have without doubt been changed from our trip, both Rwandan lives, and team lives. In terms of community, we have so much to learn about life from rwanda, but also, it is important that as we can give, that we do, as lives struggle on, even at the beginning of the 21 century.

Rwanda child, along with ANLM and others are making a difference, but there is still a huge amount to do, and this should never be under-estimated.

For me, as chair of Rwanda child, it was such a belssing to see all that has taken place over the years, and to gain a bit of a vision for the future.

It was an honour to visit Rwanda, and now it is important, to explore how things can look for the future, and all our parts in that, and how teams can properly and fully function to enable Rwanda to grow, without losing any of the godly values they have already got.





Weekend in Rwanda

So very much a mixed weekend. Saturday morning was the monthly gathering for some of the Rwanda child sponsor kids, known as a centre day!!

Great morning where they have games, food, and this time pctures for up and coming christmas cards for sponsors!

It was great to spend some time with my sponsor child again, and he had worked out that iw as blind, as he came up and straight away put his arm around me!!!

We gave him presents, and he seemed really happy to see us.

Centre day alwasy seems to be a blessing for those kids who are sponsored, an for those who sponsors rememeber them, as they receive letters, gifts, as well as having a full and proper meal.

most of the rest of day was spent shopping, in Rwandan markets, and shops, which were all amazing, and fully of local local lovely stuff!!!

Last night we wnet out for dinner, and had a great time as a team, and were also able to take our interpreters with us, and our driver as well!!! This was a real blessing to them which was great to be able to do. Even being able to be with these gusy is a real blessing for us.

they even gave us Rwandan names with meanings which again was a real blessing!!!

This morning we went to church here on the site where we are staying!!! lively is an under statement for their worship, both english worship and Rwandan worship as well!!!

the band were amazing, lively, brilliant musicians, even if the service did go on for more than 2 hrs!!!

Rwandan language worship was even more excited than the english worship, and it was great to be able to stay for some of that!!!

yesterday we went for lunch at a berito place!!! quite possibly the largest ones I have ever had!!!

today we went for pizza, and again amazing, and all the food together was really cheep, and really nice to eat!!!

This afternoon we went to visit a charity bringing street lads of the street, called play for hope!!!

They teach them, and also train them in Football skills!!

Great to hear their story, and also to share some of ours, plus also be able to give them football kit from Harrogate town which they seemeed to receive as a real blessing!!!!

We then took out a couple of balls and played some football with them.

A great weekend, full of blessing, plus great food, and engaging with local shopping!!!!

so the meanin fo the names we were given:

hannah: favoured and lovely;
Chloe W, had the meaing of beauty;
Chloe S: had the mean of calm;
Naomi: was princess;
emma: was happiness;
Heather: was goodness;
Nick: was blessing;
andy: man who does good;