Just when your mind wasn’t blown already by Rwanda

So just before dinner yesterday, thursday, once the luggage had arrived, we got all the shoes out, and one of the cooks where we are staying saw this, and we managed to get her some shoes, i have never seen a reaction over receiving a pair of shoes like, this, arms in the air, dancing, smiles, squeals of excitement and elight, it really was truly something to behold!!!

Today we did 6 home visits!! what a day so many stories, so many lives struggling, and yet so overjoyed to see us, to receive us in their houses, really does bring a whole new meaning to blessing, hope, love, and so many other words!!!

Such small houses, that hardly anyone could fit in them, people struggling to work, not able to pay rent, even when in our understanding of rent it is so small, like 3 or 5 pounds a month.

Families being chased from areas, not able to stay where they are, so children can’t be registered to go to school, and by the age of 14 have never been to school, and will never get the chance to go to school!!!

Lives, where kids have to go and get water for the family, and bring it back from a lake, and then leae the house at 5.30 am to go to school!!!!

One life, of a man now, but as a child growing up in the Jungle, close to death, losing his dad, losing brothers, having to leave Rwanda to go to Uganda for months, if not years, but yet, due to sponsoership coming back to Rwanda, getting educated, adn now wanting to bring hope, life, love, compassion to people around him!!!!

It is impossible to understand these lves, and to some extent i have given up trying to understand why these lives are the way they are!!! I just know that being around these lives, has challenged me, blessed me, inspired me, and provoked me to see so much more happen!!!!!

We are seeing lives changed here, even by giving out 10’s of paris of shoes today, children, adults were so blessed, and encouraged just ismply to receive shoes!!!

Playing Frizby and leaving them in communities, along with bubbles, brought excitement joy, laughter, in a way i don’t think i have seen for quite some time!!!!

In one respect so much is being done in this count, but yet, there is so much, overwhelming amounts stil to do, and we cannot stop to let these injustices carry on!!!

Wifi sadly doesn’t allow me to put pics up, not stable enough, but there will be loads going up on the return to the UK!!!

I hope the words give a little picture, but the real pictures will blow your mind and I hope pray, that you see something that you know you can do something about!!!!

The day of extreme mixed emotions

Thursday, saw the beginning of the day with the girls of the team having their nails done!!! surprise surprise, the blokes didn’t want theirs done!!! But i know one of the dads who would have been straight in there if he was here!!!!

These girls are brought in to be trained in beauty theropy so they have some knd of trade for later life, as well as having Bible study.

They are an amazing group fo girls, and are learning so much!!

After that we did 2 more home visits!!! doesn’t get any easier as the week goes on but it is so important hearing the stories of people’s lives!!!

One story from this morning, where a young lad was brought up by his Gran because, his dad ran away when he found out that his mum was pregnant, and then his mum ran away when he was little!!!

Gran can only work during the wet season, so now it is dry season, she hasn’t worked for 4 months, and is 4 months behidn on rent.

2 small rooms, for them to live in, cook, eat, sleep, and generally live, not much room at all, and a gran who is getting older!!!

James the boy, has scabies, adn the gran had no idea on how to stop it, until our visit, which also took her 50 kg’s of food!!! she was overwhelmed by the food!!!!

Again a community of selflessness, as she has lived and ate with others over these months, but will now give to her community as she has received, how much have we to learn in the west about proper community demonstrated out here!!!!!

After having baigles, for lunch, we came back to the centre where we are living, and worked with a group of tutor lads this afternoon. amazing bunch of lads, enjoying games, fun, worship song, and the cross being made out of paper!!!

So from the toughness of the lives here, to the other extreme, where all our bags have now arrived, bubbles have leaked, but apart from that nothing seems to be broken, damaged, or lost!!!! Thanks again has to go to Mike Langford, who has been so good at getting this sorted for us!!!

Tonight, Cat, one of the directors of Rwanda child, and I meet with charles the President of ANLM, to chat through how the charities work together now in the future, and tomorrow we head back to where we were yesterday, to belss more families, and engage with more tough life!!!!

Hope, what is that?

So, yesterday, Wednesday, a day in Bugesera, an amazing place full of just simple, pure amazing people.

Arriving there we met the Child Development officer, Sam, who told us about Bugesera. a place where the Tutsi’s were gathered and murdered before and during the genoside.

We looked around the school, and then went on some home visits, stories of power, sturggle, and bringing reality to our own lives:

1: a mum who had been beaten by her secodn husband because she asked him to go for treatment as she and her daughter was HIV. her first husband died of HIV already!! she also had to work all day in the fields, for 50p, while her daughter has to leave the house at5.30 am to go to school, and doesn’t eat or drink befor egoing to school.

2: 75 year old man still having to work the land for 50p a days work, as other members of his family aren’t around and he has to provide for the children.

3: a duaghter lving with her aunt, because Dad jsut isn’t anywhere, and mum has run away.

Houses of dirt floors, some kind of cement walls, and only a couple of small rooms for 6-8 of them to live, eat, relax, cook, sleep and do everyday life.

What does hope look like for these people, so happy with what they have, feeling so blessed by what we gave them. and yet we want to bring them hope, but what is that?

Celebrity status was felt by the team, as we drove through areas in a bus, and children followed us, shouting, waving, wanting to be with us, just simple people, but yet, seen as hero’s celebs, how can that be.

How can a person work all day for 50p and yet their rent is 5 pounds a month, a matrice is 30 pounds, and so many houses don’t even have matrices to lie on.

Puts everything in perrspective in regard to our luggage, still not here, but the amazing Mike Langford is sorting it and high level emails have been flying around, and we are garinteed to receive our luggage tomorrow, thursday, this has been a trip where I, and the team have learnt so much, challenged a lot, and left with so many memories, and passionate about making a difference, and still tomorrow is another day, a day of bringing hope, love, and I sitll don’t know what those words mean in this context!!!

Safari plus the on-going luggage saga

So due to the original mix up of flights at the weekend the progamme for our time in Rwanda had been adjusted.

Today, Tuesday, we went on safari, and this was a great experience for the team.

Getting out of the bus for upclose pics with hypo’s and gerraf’s were a pictural highlight, plus an area that anounced itself as a picnic area, but was simply an open clear with s sign that says picnic area!!!!

It was a long day, but with loads of pics, promises to be quite a highlight for people back home.

And now the update about our luggage!!!!

It didn’t arrive today!!! Which was met with some frustration amongst parts of the team!!!!

Qatar and Rwanda Air blamed each other, but in essence it all seems to stem from the fact that our bags weren’t labelled by Qatar and sent on by Qatar to Dubai!!!

So our luggage, it appears, is still in Doha!!!

Qatar are meant to be sending our bags by another airline tomorrow, or if not, then Qatarflgiht on thursday.

Thanfully we have an amazing travel opporator who is doing an amazing job for us at this time!!!!

We are certainly learning that we can complain about no clothes, and lack of luggage, but as one of our amazing young people put it today:

“we know our stuff can and will arrive at some point, but people here have to wait until someone chooses to give them something!!!!

some tough lessons being learnt, but everyone is learning loads, about themselves, about others, and about how life may well be back home!!!!