Rwandan Children’s Choir

The Rwandan Children’s choir are performing at St marks church, Monday 28 April, please see the attached flier for more information, and click here to book your tickets. Tickets are limited, so we would encourage you to book them now to ensure you aren’t disappointed. Proceeds going to taking a team of young people out to Rwanda this coming summer. Looking forward to seeing you there for a great evening.

St Marks Church A3


Trust is one of those issues that I guess most of us have thought about, chatted abut, partly engaged with, but I wonder how much we have truly established trust in the various of our lives?

For some of us, trust is easier, we have too!!! For me, as someone who is blind I have to trust! Trust a guide not to walk me into anything! Trust a taxi driver to drive me to the right place! Trust that people i live with or work with will not leave things lieing around for me to trip over!! Trust that when people say they are doing something, that they actuallya re, and not taking advantage of the fact that I can’t see them.

But trust goes much further than the practicalities!! it isn’t just about enabling things to happen, there is something much more important, vital underpinning the trsut that we talk about!! Relationship!!!!

trust is largely built out of relationship!!! whether it is between work colleagues, a husband and wife, childrena nd parents, a guide and a blind person, trust is much deeper and exists much more clearly when there is some kind of relaitonship there.

trust is never just established out of position!!! just because you are a leader, a parent, does not automatically mean that will, or even should trust you!!!

Trust is given, never enforced! Trust largely comes from the one doing the trusting, not the one being trusted!!

The one placing the trst will already have stablished thoughts around, who listens, who engages, who understands, who spends time, who actually gets to know them!!!

trust is never encofrced just because you tell someone to trust you, just because you are a leader or parent, it comes simply out of relationship, and where there is no relaitonship then don’t expect trust to exist there!!!

Trust is placed in those who have demonstrated that theya re trustworthy!! trustworthy in leadership, trustworthy in parenting,and so on!!!

Why do we trust God, because he has sown himself to us! god asks us to trust him, never just because he is God, but because he wants that relationship with us!! god invites us into relaitonship, and therefore out of that relaitonship, from spending time with us, listening to us, understanding us, we begin to realise that God can be and should be trsuted.

If we calim that we trust god, are we demonstrating trustworthiness to others around us by the way we act, by the way we engage with them, by the way we show that htey matter, and even though they may well be different to us, they still matter, and we can show that they can trust us?

Our society doesn’t do trust very well!! we live in a world that is suspecious of others, doesn’t spend time wih others, criticises others, and yet for whatever reason still expects trust to exist!!! Which obviously it won’t and it doesn’t.

Can we be people who can demonstrate something different, who can demonstrate trsut, who are prepared to put the things in place to enable others to place the trust, and for us not to be people who just expect the trust becuase of who we are and the position we have?

Pryme UK

For about 4 years now there has been some discussion about taking seriously the issue of enabling Youth Leaders to stay in post for longer than the national average which ucrrently is about 18 months.

Personally I know that part of the reason why I have remained in leadership, and engaged in Youth Discipleship is due to an amazing mentor, and having him consistantly in my life now for 17 years at the time of writing this.

Pryme is a netowrk of relational mentoring for Youth Leaders that has existed in the States now for a number of years, and a number of us have been inspired to launch something similar, but relevant to the UK.

This coming weekend, 6/7 sees the first retreat for those passionate about launching this in the UK, and how it might look for us here, and how we publicise it.

Please do pray for the 8 of us gathering together that we get a real sense of what God wants to do with this vision, that we follow his lead, and that Appropriate support and mentoring takes place for youth leaders, that churches embrace this fully and properly, and that Leaders are able to maintain their call to a place for longer than the 18 months currently happening in the UK.


All of us are aware that we need food to go into our bodies for our bodies to function properly. Different foods have different qualities about them which enable the whole body to then function properly.

An athlete, to run a race, will know that they need more or less of various foods at dfferent times dpending upon training and race scheduals, and whether they are injured, but in essence they are aware of the variety of needs that their body has, and the variety of foods that bring the different qualities that they need.

You will not find an athlete taking things into their body that are harmful or unhelpful for their performance, and they will be maticulous about what they take in, so that they can perform to the best of their ability at race time.

Although the athlete may only hae a few races a season, they know that unless they take care of themselves the whole year round, that those times when racetime occurs will be harder, so their focus is constant, apropriate, and focussed.

the imagery of the athlete is used a couple of times in the New Testament, as well as in the Old Testament, and this is for a good reason. God understands very well the needs that we have, the requirements that we have to be able to function in the way that he has called us to function.

God understands fully what our minds need, what our spirit needs, what our bodies needs physically, and what our hearts need. If God understands this then we need to go to him for all that we need, and not think or believe that we have all we need without him, or are able to function in the way we are meant to without him.

It is important therefore for us to focus and realise all the different things we allow ourselves to think, to believe, to take on board, and how those things impact our lives. If we are not functioning in the way that god wants for us to function there is generally something missing, something we ain’t doing, something we need to address in our lives.

Any athlete puts a number of things in place to enable them to push through hard/tough/difficult situations, and part of this is what they take into their bodies, if we are going to be people who are able to push thorugh, persevere in all that god has called for us, then we also need to think through what we are taking on board.

some thoughts to consider:

1: How easy is it for you to push through a situation? If easy, why is that, if hard, what would god highlight that needs addressing in your life?
2: Are you functioning/living in the life that god wants for you? If so, what is it that enables that to happen that you need to keep going, if not, what is God highlighting that needs addressing in life?
3: What are the key elements in life that we know we need to have in place to enable us to live the life that god wants of us? Do we have all these things in place?

There will be more in coming weeks on issues that enable us to live the life god has for us.