God or self?

Recently i have been doing some reflection upon how much of my life is lead by what I want, and how much is lead by God.

If we are all honset, we will all say that there are strong points of our lives that we lead, and maybe we don’t even let others in, or allow others to have a say, never mind letting God have a say or an impact upon our lives.

The thing is that we live in a self orientated world, where so many of us place ourselves first, our desires, our wants, and even our own perseved needs, but we don’t step back from ourself to ask what God may be asking of us instead of what we are asking of ourselves.

The more we pace ourselves at the centre the more we are likely to encounter friction, as that is what the culture expects, people to be at the centre, and that is why we have such an individualistic society.

But if we choose to place God at the Centre, allowing our lives to be lead by him and not ourselves, we start to function, live, and relate in ways that God wants us too.

It is true that we all have needs, but do not we not think that god knows our needs probably better than we know them ourself?

so here are some questions to reflect upon over this coming week:

1: in which areas of life do you place yourself at the centre and push God to the sidelines?
2: Which areas of life is god at work in yoru life, and what is stopping him from being at work in other areas?
3: What is stopping you from being vulnerable and allowing god to speak into your life?

Let’s make a commitment this coming week to be more vulnerable, more open to God, more trusting, and making him the centre and not ourselves.

Rwandan Children’s Choir

The Rwandan Children’s choir are performing at St marks church, Monday 28 April, please see the attached flier for more information, and click here to book your tickets. Tickets are limited, so we would encourage you to book them now to ensure you aren’t disappointed. Proceeds going to taking a team of young people out to Rwanda this coming summer. Looking forward to seeing you there for a great evening.

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