MAD day 

A correctly named day, as we gathered on Saturday, the rain was pouring down, and the wind was increasing, it felt mad to be there.
But what was exciting was that a number of young people had chosen to be there, chosen to make a difference in people’s lives, and step out for god.
Some young people made cards and wrote messages in them and handed them out to people in the town centre, others went to an old people’s home and spent soem time with them, whilst others went to a couple of charities store areas, and belssed them by helping sort out and move things around to help make their lives a bit easier.
All the young people had stories at the end of the day of hwo they had seen god at work, the things they had got involved in, and what they had learnt from the day. 
Th second of these types of more will be taking place, as we see young people stepping out, making a difference in lives of people arou

Hearing things from others 

So previously i have written about people making decisions to know Jesus better, and also about how Disciples were making disciples, but as i have previously said, you just don’t know sometimes the impact of what you have said upon thsoe listening.
This last week, my youngest daughter informed me that a friend of hers at school had come up to her and told her that she had heard me speak at alocal group of young people at a church. This other young person informed my daughter positively of hearing what i had said, and how it had inspired them in their relaitonship with god.
Firstly, this was an encouagement for me, as i said earlier you just don’t know sometimes what people think after you have shared soemthing.

Secodnly, thsi was an encouagement to my daughter, as someone else told her that they were growing in their relaitonship with god and that her dad had helped a bit, and there was a verry strong sense of enjoying that moment for my daughter. 
It is exciting the oportunities that coming our way, but what is more exciting is thr fruit that is coming from those encounters, and how more and more people are going further in their relationship with god.

MAD day 

Saturday 14 november, 1-6 pm. 

This is a great time for young people across the area to gather together to make a difference in people’s lives across the area. 
A number of different activities will be taking place, plus time to pray togehter and eat together.
to book on to thregister so we know how many are coming, please register at the link here.

new happenings 

So there are some adjustments for us, and some new things starting. 
Very shortly you should be able to spot some new changes to both our emailing to you, and also to our website. 
The website willhopefully become clearer, and less cluttered, but we will also have our video at the top alongg with our brand new logo. Our emailings will also have our great new logo on is as well.
you will also be able to see who all is involved in various ways in making Rolltherock move forward, and we hope that over this coming year there will be more to say on this. 
New Happenings:
So again we have tried to clarify soem of what we do and make it clearer for people. 
networks: We  have helped to iniatate a couple of new networrks locally. We have a new youth leaders network, plus a new network for thsoe engaging in schools, and we will be looking to gather these people at various points thorughout the year. If you want any further information about these networks then do go to our contact page. 
We are also involved in a couple of Learning communities in various places and will have one locally soon, and we are helping to support leaders in various contexts in all that God has for them. 
new pages on these and more are being added to the website increasingly, so do keep an eye on this site and spot the new areas of work being explored.