MAD day 

Saturday 14 november, 1-6 pm. 

This is a great time for young people across the area to gather together to make a difference in people’s lives across the area. 
A number of different activities will be taking place, plus time to pray togehter and eat together.
to book on to thregister so we know how many are coming, please register at the link here.

Using youth Alpha

This coming term, youth alpha is being used in a creative way at a local school.

Later this half term there is a week mission at St John Fishers, which we are supporting, but leading up to this, we are wanting to encourage sixth formers to be involved, so we are taking some of them through the youth alpha course.

The aim, the dream, is that by taking them through the youth Alpha, they will then be involved in the mission, and then hopefully assisting in leading another youth alpha after the half term, for those who are interested.

So we need your pryaers:
1: that some of the sixth formers want to do the course this half term;
2: pray for them as leaders during the mission week at the end of the half term;
3: pray that there will also be further Alpha courses following the mission week;

This is an exciting time, and exciting opportunity.