The force awakens 

So without doubt This latest saga of the Star Wars movies was the most highly anticipated film of 2015. As someone who loved Star Wars growing up, i wasabi very interested to see where they could take the story, and whether it wou to all the excitement that had been generated around it. 
it was great, and did not disapoint, at all. 
The one thing that stood out for me during this film was the battle for the search for the missing parts of a map, a map, that for some could bring hope, for others would bring destruction and power for themselves. 
2 questions arose for me out thsi battle for the map: 

1: do we search for the map directions in our lives, the directions that god has to guide us through life to the hope that he has for us. 

2: What do we do with more information, is it for hope for ourselves and others, or is it for our own power and the destruction of others. 
maps are an interesting thought, as we often need one, and why, to reach our destination, to reach that place where we were meant to be going, both in the physcial sense, but also in the spiritual sense also. 
So always that question, of whether we are prepared to put in the time, effort, understanding to find the map, follow the directions, but alsodeepeestion, of why, why do we want that info. 
Thly in the film, the parts fo the map were found for hope, my pryaer for all who read this post, is that you also search out the right maps, the right directions, for hope aand not for powesytruction.