Travelling Encounters

So, today whilst waiting for a train, I was approached by a young man who asked if I was Andy. When I responded yes, he then informed me that he recognised me from a time I went into the school he attended. He told me my input through assemblies and services and time in the school had helped him gain an idea of what he wanted to be and do; he said how he had felt inspired and encouraged to follow his dreams, and was now at second year university. I thanked him for coming and talking to me, but this was not the end of the encounters.

Later, another young man came up to me and commented how moved he was seeing the other guy come up and talk to me about the difference I had made in his life. This second guy asked what I did for a living, and so I told him. It turned out he worked for Time For God as a field worker. We then shared some stories on the train and prayed for each other.

We never really do know the difference we make in people’s lives when they see something of us, and it is always worth remembering that people are watching, observing how we live, how we deal with things, whether we live up to what we say. We can always make a difference in people’s lives.