Under Threat

As we read the story of Jesus’ birth, we read about how King Herod felt threatened, especially when the wise men came to visit him to ask for directions. He felt threatened because he had placed his security in himself, his own power and his own authority. How many of us do the same, placing our security in ourselves, in what we know, in the power or authority we try and create around ourselves? Herod would have felt threatened because he may have thought that he was about to lose – lose all that he knew and lose the respect of all those around him. Loss is a huge feeling for so many. The fear of loss can sometimes mean we do not gain!!

This Advent time, can we recognise that Jesus lost so much by leaving Heaven and coming to us; he gave up everything he knew for us. Lets not miss out on what Jesus has for us by placing our security and hope in ourselves, but in him.