Our coaching huddles seek to bring leaders together in an open, honest and supportive environment, exploring what is currently taking place in their context, what God is saying, and what their response could be.

We tend to “meet” using Skype and other forms of online communication. If those in a huddle would prefer to meet in a physical space, we’d also be happy to facilitate this. These times happen monthly as a minimum, although we would aim to touch base on a fortnightly basis. We are currently hosting one coaching huddle, but we are open to the possibility of developing further ones for those who wish to explore these.

Gathered times last for an hour at a time, and we always finish by leaving a process challenge for each leader to think through before the next time of meeting together.

These can be invaluable times. We have experienced the value of them ourselves and are now seeing the fruit in other leaders lives also.

For more information about these and to explore being involved, please contact us here and we will get back to you.