Learning Community

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Learning communities are an 18 month process, where we gather leaders and their teams together on 4 different occasions, to consider different themes and how they apply in our working practice. Those themes are:

Discipleship, Leadership, Mission and Legacy.

Coaching and mentoring are included as part of this 18-month process, which also includes opportunity for a variety of short input times, exercises as teams and personal reflection. All are aimed at enabling participants to explore where God is at work and what God might be saying for the next period of time, to reflect and develop practice, and to share experiences and learning with others.

Learning communities are an open environment, where we consider everyone in the room to be an expert, and time is given to forming friendships across teams, as well as sharing thoughts and ideas. Each team is encouraged to develop short and long term goals and to share these with the other teams, so that each is supported, prayed for and encouraged on their journeys.