We can offer facilitative training to youth leaders in a number of different areas, all of which can and will be tailor-made for you, your team and your context.

Are you facing any issues that we can help you and your team think through?

Are you in a new situation and want some guidance in setting things up, building a team or adjusting to changing circumstances?

For example, could we help you think through building a team, understanding youth culture, partnership working, or mission and discipleship?

Whatever you’re looking at, give us a call and we can talk through how we could help you (or point you in a more helpful direction, if that seems right for you!)

Fees are arranged depending upon the length of time of the training, travel, and context. We never want finance to be a barrier to any work with young people moving forward, so we are happy simply to cover costs and can discuss what works for your budget.

To enquire about our training please go here to our contact page and send us an enquiry.