Who is at the centre?

Recently, I have done some exploring and teaching on the story of Joseph. What is interesting about this story is that we often believe that all the way through, he had God at the centre of his life, but if we actually look closer, it was a transitional period for him, removing himself out of the centre and God into the centre of his world.

I wonder how many times we trick ourselves into thinking that God is at the centre, when the reality is that either we have ourselves at the centre or even try and have joint ownership at the centre of our worlds with God?

Joseph, although having dreams, put himself at the centre by telling his brothers and parents that they would bow down. He placed himself jointly with God at the centre by telling the men in prison that God can interpret dreams, but that God would tell Joseph what they were. He placed God at the centre when he told Pharaoh that only God could interpret dreams.

Only when Joseph removed himself out of the centre and placed God at the centre did the fruition of his dreams come into reality.

This is a huge challenge for all of us, we believe that we can join in with what God is doing, but often we place ourselves at the centre along with him, without recognising that we need to place God totally at the centre, and when that happens God’s plans start to work out for us.

This, of course, is worked out over time, and God knows his own timings. We need to continue to trust in him with timing!!

Often this is easier said than done, but Joseph trusted in God despite everything that was thrown at him. More and more he put God at the centre of his life.

Do you have a dream that God has given you?
Have you vocalised that dream to others in a way that puts God at the centre?
Are you able to put all your trust in him for his timing?
What experiences get in the way or enable you to place God at the centre more?
If people looked at your life, would they see God at the centre, or would they see you putting yourself at the centre?

Tough questions but necessary for us all as we grow as disciples.